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Archive of Secret Teachings in The Way International

Introduction *Craig Martindale's Response To Recent News Articles -- Comments L. Craig Martindale made to his followers concerning the recent articles published by The Wapakoneta Daily News.

*The Way Ministry II??? -- a detailed account of the systematic removal of the Wierwille name in an attempt to put to rest the alleged misconducts of their founder.

*Many Core Beliefs that Wierwille taught disturb mainstream Christians, such as Jesus Christ is not God; today's Jews are actually an impostor tribe from Siberia, not the Bible's chosen people; the Jewish Holocaust is a myth; much of the Gospel doesn't have any real meaning today; and others.

*Riddle: "What do you call a 'holy' man who teaches that healing and all good things are possible through the prayer of a righteous man -- but who cannot avert his own slow, painful death of a rare cancer?" Answer: V.P. Wierwille. Death Certificate of V.P. Wierwille

*An anonymous ex-Way member demands explanations for contradictory Way teachings.

*A growing list of buzzwords used in The Way International.

*The control of TWI members extends even to minute protocol in the dining hall.

*A typical "Mark and Avoid" letter shows how TWI leadership tries to use shunning and softly worded threats to control wayward coordinators (with strongly worded reply from Kent Miller).

*TWI, June 1996. An actual copy of the announcement from The Way International to followers concerning recent community donations.

*TWI Treasurer Explains Where They Are Spending Some Of Their Money -- Howard Allen informs followers where they have spent some of the abundance sharing three months before announcing cancelling ROA!

* Abuse in California. -- Carol VanDrie explains some of indiscretions of Way Corps in California. She details a Limb leader turning his back on his wife and children for a wealthy mistress.

*What Was That You Just Said? -- An article explaining how the potential misuse of speaking in tongues can induce disassociation.

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