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TWI Treasurer Explains Where They Are Spending Some Of Their Money

On official TWI letter-head:

March/April 1995

Dear Way Believers:

God bless you in Christ's powerful name.

The year for our theme of God's Call to Abundance is almost over. Our believing for you is that when the theme is over, you will continue to live in God's abundance.

When God gave His only begotten Son, He gave us His abundance. It's everlasting if we choose to enjoy it, and it doesn't cost us near what it cost God; so live it each day and share it with others.

In the March/April 1994 issue of The Way Magazine, there was an article about the 67 acres we purchased (with your abundance) north of the Outreach Services Center and Founders Hall. We wrote about a pond project to protect the Founders Hall garden level being flooded. It will, however, be more than just a pond. We have also put in a gravel parking area north of Founders Hall, the same size as the parking lot west of Founders Hall. Then west of the gravel lot we will plant grass all the way to Shelby Road with a nice gravel road off Shelby. This will give us a commuter parking area for the Rock of Ages, the same size as the RV parking lot north of the OSC. The remaining land is being leveled and will be grassed in for future expansion.

These improvements will reduce the vehicle and foot traffic on Wierwille Road during the Rock of Ages, because the commuters can walk to The Way Big Top without having to ride shuttles from the Ambassador Farm. The best part of the project is that Founders Hall will be dry, and there will be no more ruined belongings and carpet. Praise God.

The new video cameras are installed in the Victor Paul Wierwille Word Over The World Auditorium, and they are working very well. Great picture! They are the best available, and why not? God's Word should have the best. You will be very proud and blessed when you see the new classes Rev. Martindale is producing. January 1 was the first Sunday Night Service the new equipment was used, and Mr. Joe Coulter shared a lot of details and background. The information is on tape #1776 if you want to hear more. Thank you for giving of your abundance so that we could purchase these, and they are paid for.

Rev. Martindale wrote an Our Times article in the November/ December 1994 issue of The Way Magazine entitled "Suspension of th WOW Program." Here is a little update: At this writing, 18 who were signed up to go WOW have been revealed as Homos. That's over 12%! It sure was right to cancel the program. The havoc these 18 would have caused our good young people in the families could have been tragic. It's also interesting to me the 24 of those who signed up to go WOW have now left the areas they assigned themselves to, showing they were very weak. They would have been the first ones the homos worked on, because devil spirits always go for weakness first. God sure is watching over this ministry as we wall and do His will. Thank you for your prayers and believing that we can get the ministry cleaned up so we can again have a WOW program.

Rev. Martindale also wrote to you in his 52nd. anniversary letter about the homosexuality purge in the ministry, and he encouraged you to confront individual situations. We are very blessed with the way you have jumped in with both feet, right on top of the adversary. God will bless our ministry by the actions taken, but now it's time to move with outreach and to advance His Word.

We want to thank you for the great year we have had and for living God's Word and giving so that the Word can move all over the world. We have recieved a number of great letters from you about how the teachings on finances have helped you and your families. The Word is sure true, and it works when we apply it in our walks.

This is the time people in the world think about Easter and see if they can dress nicer than the neighbors. They forget the truth of the Word, but I'm thankful we know and live the truth. Have a blessed time reading Jesus Christ Our Passover and sharing about the resurrection. Looking forward to hearing about all the healing that will take place in your Twigs and your families as you do communion. See you at the Rock!

Living in God's Abundance,

Howard R. Allen

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