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Basic trancenet.net stats

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trancenet.net advertising specs

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Basic trancenet.net statistics

All trancenet.net advertising revenues are used to further our mission. So advertising at our web site is an easy way to do well for yourself -- while you do good for others.

Our publications are widely and loyally read by many thousands of readers -- with wide-ranging interests. We expect advertising on trancenet.net to be very productive -- but only for sponsors who understand the interests of our readers. And because of our unique charitable and educational mission, we reserve the right to reject any ad for editorial, content, design, quality, or any other reason we deem important to serve our readers.

trancenet.net has been publishing consistently since August 1995, has its own registered domain and mirror site, and has won numerous awards & reviews, such as a "Top 5% of the Web," "USA Today Hot Site," and is listed with Yahoo, Lycos A2Z, Web Crawler, GNN, MedWeb, and other prominent search engines.

We publish web server statistics twice daily at http://www.trancenet.net/stats.shtml. As of November, 1997, we average:

* 250,000+ hits per month -- over 8,300 hits a day .
* 120,000+ page views per month -- over 4,000 pages viewed a day.
* 88,000+ new hosts visit our home page each month, usually new visitors -- so your message is constantly seen by a fresh audience.
* 92,000+ unique hosts each month -- another measure of the wide audience you will reach.
*70 megabytes downloaded every day, 88K per reader, 5 pages per reader -- trancenet.net readers spend an extraordinary amount of time at our site, so each reader may read your message up to 5 times.
*We enjoy wide distribution in England, Canada, Australia, and Europe -- your message will reach a world-wide audience.
*Our statistics in detail.

What interests our readers

*Independent information sources, including both skeptical and alternative viewpoints

*Cyber culture

*Human rights and personal freedoms

*Health and alternative health care

*Reading, particularly nonfiction

*Recovery and therapy-related topics

*Scientific research, particularly on psychology, sociology, medicine, and physics

*Responsible spirituality, particularly alternatives to mainstream philosophies and religions

*Mainstream philosophies and religions

*Web Design and other Internet-related topics

*Arts and creative pursuits

Our readers are interested in books, magazines, newsletters, and other sources of information on these topics. They are also interested in shareware and low-cost software for Web browsing and design, email management, graphics, scanning and OCR, data archival, privacy and encryption, and similar products.

Advertising specifications

We recommend using Netscape-compatible colors for best results.

*Deluxe Banner: 428 x 60 pixel GIF or JPEG, under 10K file size.

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*Half Banner: 214 x 60 pixel GIF or JPEG, under 5K file size.

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America Online currently charges $60 per thousand page hits. We deliver 120,000+ page hits per month for $50. We will also consider negotiated per-inquiry rates for direct marketing advertisers.

Rates are guaranteed for the month of November 1997 only.

Closing dates are each Friday for inclusion for the second-following Monday (10 days in advance). Please contact us for more information and