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Registering with trancenet.net

| why register with our search engine?

trancenet.net readers are very interested in related psychological freedom issues. As a service to our readers -- and to realize our mission as quickly as possible, we publicize similar sites whenever possible.

This Registry is designed for archive managers who want to make their archives searchable by trancenet.net. We have our own Isearch-based search engine, capable of searching multiple sites on the net.

The advantage to you is that our readers sample your site's content while searching their own interests.

NOTE: This is not an offer to archive your files, but to make them available to Web readers of trancenet.net.
The instructions below explain what you need to do to make your http site searchable. Please complete steps 1 through 4.

  1. Read trancenet.net's mission statement. If you believe your site is compatible with our mission -- and would benefit from extra hits from trancenet.net readers, please continue with steps 2 through 4. (If you are interested in simply exchanging links with our site, contact our staff.)

  2. Test your HTML pages for conformance to HTML 2.0, using an HTML checker such as Weblint Gateway. We prefer that your pages be readable by lynx or text-based readers as well as Netscape-compatible browsers. (Note: You can usually make "tables" readable by non-Netscape-compatible browsers by adding <BR> and <P> liberally throughout the table.)

  3. Tell us a little about your archive using the Registration Form.

  4. Receive confirmation of your registration by email.

If you have any questions please email our staff.

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Please address any questions or problems you encounter on this site to jmknapp53@gmail.com. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of trancenet.net, all-info.org, its staff, volunteers, or donors. trancenet.net relies solely on "sharefare" donations from readers like you at http://www.trancenet.net/trancenet/levels.shtml.

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