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by John M. Knapp with Pamela Fitzpatrick
|Heaven's Gate
  • Had anyone heard of Heaven's Gate before?
  • Why didn't anyone do anything?
  • Why did they commit suicide?
  • What's with the $5 in their pockets?
  • Is this the worst cult tragedy in U.S. history?
  • Will former members of other cults need emotional support?
  • 39 doesn't seem like many victims to me.
  • Is this the first "high tech" cult on the Internet?
Define a Cult
  • How do you define a "cult"?
  • Wouldn't Jesus have been called a "cult leader" today?
  • Aren't the Marines a cult?
  • Are cults a modern phenomenon?
  • Do all cults end in suicide?
  • Are all New Age religions cults?
  • How big is the average cult?
  • Which are more dangerous, large or small?
  • How many cults are there?
  • What other groups are cults?
  • What about freedom of religion?
  • Is everyone who believes in UFOs a cultist?
  • Who are you?
  • What is your mission?
Cult Leaders
  • Are cult leaders insane?
  • What motivates a cult leader?
  • Why would a cult leader choose death?
Cult Members
  • How do people come to join cults?
  • Is everyone who takes a course a cult member?
  • Why do they join?
  • Don't just college-age "seekers" join cults?
  • How could they believe such stupid stuff?
  • Isn't joining a cult a choice?
  • No one's holding a gun to their head. Why don't they just leave?
Protecting Against Cults
  • What questions should I ask any group I join?
  • What if I wonder if I was in a cult?
  • What if I suspect a loved one is in a cult?
  • What warning signs should I look for?
  • How can I protect my children?
  • Where can I learn more?
Recovering from Cults
  • Why do people leave? How do people leave?
  • What should a recovering cult member expect?
  • I have a lot of problems sleeping.
  • Is every cult member severely damaged for life?
  • Must a recovering cult member seek professional help?
  • Are there any online resources for cult veterans?
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