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God's Salvation Church Watch

Look to for up-to-the-minute news on cults and pyschological freedoms.

blackball.GIFFrequently Asked Questions about Cults, Their Members and Leaders

blackball.GIFGSC Defined

blackball.GIFFrequently Asked Questions about GSC (Coming Soon)

GSC News

blackball.GIFTaiwanese cult arrives in New York, Buffalo News, Thursday April 2, 1998

blackball.GIFTaiwanese Garland cult comes to New York State, Thursday, April 2, 6:19 AM EST

blackball.GIFCult members still waiting for God, China News, Wednesday, April 1, 1998

blackball.GIFSect leaving Texas, expects to meet God in Michigan, April 1, 1998, 8:33 p.m. EST

blackball.GIFExcuses as cult leader explains why God failed to show up, Sidney Morning Herald, Wednesday, April 1, 1998

blackball.GIFSect leader says God keeps Texas appointment, Wednesday, April 1, 1998, 00:39:47 PST

blackball.GIFTranscripts of Chen Tao press conferences, Watchman Fellowship, March 1998

blackball.GIFThe first of...? China Post, Friday March 27, 1998

blackball.GIFCult members plan to return to Taiwan, China News, Friday, March 27, 1998

blackball.GIFGod's a no-show, so cult alters tune, March 26, 1998, 7:26 AM PST

blackball.GIFPolice close streets around Garland neighborhood, The Dallas Morning News, March 25, 1998

blackball.GIFTaiwan sect's God prophecy scorned at home, Wednesday, March 25, 1998, 11:00 AM ET

blackball.GIFUFO cult calm as God misses predicted TV appearance, CNN, March 25, 1998, 5:54 a.m. EST

blackball.GIFGod a no-show for Taiwanese spiritual sect, Wednesday, March 25, 1998, 1:21 a.m. PST

blackball.GIFGarland sect prepares for God's arrival, The Dallas Morning News, March 22, 1998

blackball.GIFCult claims God will appear in a flying saucer, CNN, March 19, 1998

blackball.GIFChurch prepares for God's arrival, Friday March 13, 11:39 AM EST

blackball.GIFUFO cult waits for God in Texas town, Akron Beacon Journal, Thursday, March 5, 1998

blackball.GIFIn Taiwan, mixing U.F.O.'s and religion may empty your bank account, New York Times, February 27, 1998

blackball.GIFScholar visits Chen Tao, January, 1998

blackball.GIF'Chen Tao' seeking salvation--in Gary, January 10, 1998

blackball.GIFSon of Heaven's Gate, Netly News,, January 7, 1998

blackball.GIFEvidence Against Taiwan UFO Cult Mounts, Special to, by Terry Walker, Taiwan, 12/30/97

blackball.GIFGSC cult leader urged to let followers return to Taiwan, December 29, 1997

blackball.GIFEvidence against Taiwan cult leader surfaces, 25 December 1997

blackball.GIF'Saucer' cultists reportedly paid huge membership fees, 23 December 1997

blackball.GIFGSC cult leader urged to let followers return to Taiwan, December 29, 1997

blackball.GIFPolice retrieve girl from apocalyptic sect, Group's leaders deny future plans of mass suicide, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Wednesday, December 24, 1997

blackball.GIFWorld Saucer cult prepares for God's arrival, BBC, 12/24/97

blackball.GIFTaiwanese Cult Members Move to Texas, Await God's Arrival in A UFO, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7:46 p.m. PST Tuesday, December 23, 1997

blackball.GIFFormer professor believes he's the father of Jesus, will become God, 7:46 p.m. PST Tuesday, December 23, 1997

blackball.GIFLast cult members leave Calif. for end-of-world rendezvous in Texas, 6:41 p.m. PST Tuesday, December 23, 1997

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Chen Tao/God's Salvation Church

blackball.GIFChen Tao Defined
blackball.GIFChen Tao Watch Site

blackball.GIFChen Tao/God's Salvation Church Watch Site


Krishna Today
NEW!New Issue Released -- April 1998
blackball.GIFBook excerpt -- entry into ISKCON
blackball.GIFOn Leaving ISKCON
blackball.GIFA Woman's place ISKCON
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blackball.GIFLively debate, rumors, exclusive articles, and more!

Transcendental Meditation

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blackball.GIFYagyas Come out of the Closet
blackball.GIFIllustrated Weekly of India Exposé of MMY
blackball.GIF6 New Personal Stories
blackball.GIFScientific Critiques of TM
blackball.GIFHypnosis vs. TM -- Any Difference?
blackball.GIFSecrets, stories, law, research, more!

The Way International

blackball.GIFTWI FAQ
NEW!No Way Out -- New Issue 1/98!
blackball.GIFPassing of a Patriarch -- The mysterious, often hidden account from Chris Geer explains the last days of founding president, Victor Paul Wierwille. Entire text, first time on the Web.

Deepak Chopra

Shameless Mind
NEW!New Issue -- 2/98
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Cultic Relationships

blackball.GIFCultic Relationships FAQ
NEW!Shattered Hearts -- New Issue 1/98!
blackball.GIF Welcome to My Nightmare
blackball.GIF Cults and Elder Abuse
blackball.GIF DSM--IV 0n Abusive Personalities
blackball.GIF Recovery Using the Herman Model
blackball.GIF Are You Being Abused?
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blackball.GIFMoonism FAQ
Moon/Unification Church
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Heaven's Gate

blackball.GIFHeaven's Gate FAQ
Heaven's Gate
blackball.GIFSecret teachings, law cases, news archive, more!
Timely information on the ongoing tragedy. Plus academic readings, news reports, and significant Internet postings.

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Creation has two sides: intelligence, which is the cause of everything, and the manifestations of intelligence, which are the physical and psychological features of the everyday world. Because Transcendental Meditation directly approaches intelligence, rather than the manifestations of intelligence, it solves problems by introducing harmony and well-being at the most basic level, and not by dealing with problems themselves. That's why it is so effective.

Consider this example: The gardener supplies water to the root of a tree. That water, that nourishment, then reaches all parts of the tree - leaves, branches, flowers, fruit - through the sap. We can think of the sap as analogous to intelligence and the green leaves or yellow flowers as analogous to the manifestations of the intelligence. The leaves and flowers are the intelligence of the sap, after it has been transformed. So intelligence - like the leaves and flowers of a tree - appears as the many different forms of manifest life. Those manifestations include every aspect of existence, from the material and physiological, through the psychological, intellectual, and spiritual. All of those features of life come from transformations of intelligence. In meditation, we directly meet this essential intelligence. Therefore, we have the possibility of nourishing all of its other levels, and thus all levels of manifestation, in a way that is harmoniously related to the whole universe.

How is Transcendental Meditation different from the various other forms of meditation?

Maharishi: The basic difference is that Transcendental Meditation, in addition to its simplicity, concerns itself only with the mind. Other systems often involve some additional aspects with which the mind is associated, such as breathing or physical exercises. They can be a little complicated because they deal with so many things. But with Transcendental Meditation there is no possibility of any interference. So we say this is the all-simple program, enabling the conscious mind to fathom the whole range of its existence.

Transcendental Meditation ranges from active mind - or performing mind - to quiet mind - or resting mind. In this resting mind, one has purity and simplicity, uninvolved with anything other than the mind, uninvolved with any other practice. In Transcendental Meditation, because we deal only with the mind, we nourish all expressions of intelligence.

The mind meditates, gains Transcendental Consciousness and brings about transformation in different fields of manifestation. All fields of life, which are the expression of intelligence, are nourished or transformed and made better through experiencing Transcendental Consciousness.

The mind, of course, is always concerned with other aspects, such as the physiology of the body, the environment, and the whole universe for that matter. But since Transcendental Meditation deals only with the performance of the mind, from its active states to its settled state, it remains unconcerned with those other aspects, though it deals with them all, because intelligence deals with them all. -- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, unknown interview, copyright presumablyheld by Maharishi Vedic University, The Maharishi Foundation, or another group within the TM family.

Cults come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Categories of cults that are recruiting successfully today include:

Eastern meditation: characterized by belief in God-consciousness, becoming one with God. The leader usually distorts and Eastern-based philosophy or religion. Members sometimes learn to disregard worldly possessions and may take on an ascetic lifestyle. Techniques used: meditation, repeated mantras, altered states of consciousness, trance states.

Religious: marked by belief in salvation, afterlife, sometimes combined with an apocalyptic view. The leader reinterprets the Scriptures and often claims to be a prophet if not the messiah. Often the group is strict, sometimes using physical punishments such as paddling and birching, especially on children. Members are encouraged to spend a great deal of time proselytizing. (Note: included here are Bible-based neo-Christian and other religious cults, many considered syncretic since they combine beliefs and practices). Techniques used: speaking in tongues, chanting, praying, isolation, lengthy study sessions, many hours spent evangelizing, "struggle" (or criticism) and confession sessions.

Political, racist, terrorist: fueled by belief in changing society, revolution, overthrowing the "enemy" or getting rid of evil forces. The leader professes to be all-knowing and all-powerful. Often the group is armed and meets in secret with coded language, handshakes, and other ritualized practices. Members consider themselves an elite cadre ready to go to battle. Techniques used: paramilitary training, reporting on one another, guilt, fear, struggle sessions, instilled paranoia, long hours of indoctrination. -- Captive Hearts, Captive Minds, Lalich and Tobias, Hunter House, 1993.