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No Way Out June Cover
No Way Out

Independent Views on
The Way International
and Associated Groups

Vol. 4, No. 1 -- 10/2000: Secret teachings, allegations of sexual abuse, personal stories, news archive, and more!


According to two different local Ohio newspapers, Craig Martindale has resigned as president of The Way International.

According to an article in the Lima News, 09/21/2000, Martindale resigned amid a flurry of sexual allegations:

"The Rev. L. Craig Martindale resigned from his position as president in April after a lawsuit claimed he sexually assaulted a former member. Martindale admitted to having a consensual affair with Frances Allen, who filed the lawsuit along with her husband, Paul Allen."

No Way Out's editor, Carol Van Drie, contacted the Allens through e-mail. They have stated that they will not discuss the case with the media as the lawsuit will "speak for itself" once it is under way.

For more information about this stunning news, visit the "WayDale" web site.

UPDATE: This Thanksgiving week the web site called "WayDale," which was a source of information concerning The Way International and the recent ouster of TWI president Craig Martindale, is being shut down. A general information e-mail was sent out to interested parties, but no reason was given for the shut-down. This site was run by Paul and Frances Allen. The couple is bringing the lawsuit against Martindale charging Martindale with sexual assault. A second lawsuit by another former member was filed in June in Shelby County Common Pleas Court according to the Lima News September 21st article. It also alleges sexual assault by Martindale. Martindale has admitted to a "consensual affair with Frances Allen." No comment has been made public by Martindale concerning the Shelby County lawsuit.

*TWI Coordinator Imprisoned -- for conspiracy to commit fraud in Colorado.

*Freefalling -- Contributing editor Carol Van Drie explains what it was like after she first left TWI, including the embarrassment of being fooled and the desperation in feeling she had betrayed God.

*Destruction of a Woman: "Jennifer" shares the sexual indiscretions of one of TWI's Way Corps, "Lenny."

*"TWI, Sin & Pressures on the Family" -- Russ details the accompanying events that lead to him and his family leaving The Way International.

*Photo Archives

*Letters to the Editor

*Archives: Past Issues of No Way Out.

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