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News Archive

*The Arkansas Democrat gives an excellent overview of the Way -- and the heart-breaking stories of families ripped apart trying to follow destructive teachings, such as sexual promiscuity in marriage.

*The Wapakoneta Daily News 5-part exposé on The Way International, including the official response given by TWI[base ']s Personnel Director, F. Bradley Thorpe.

*TWI, June, 1996.

*Bergen Record, March 17, 1996 A New Jersey article including allegations of founder V. P. Wierwille indiscretions in the back of his tour bus and a former follower concerned by the groups influence on her 5-year old daughter..

*Chapel Hill Herald, July 30, 1994 A North Carolina Supreme Court ruling refusing to grant custody of children to members of The Way.

*The Columbus Dispatch, August 15, 1993 A SECOND report of investigation of alleged defense plant infiltrations.

*Lima (OH) News, August 10, 1993 A report from a city in Ohio that TWI since considers to be "Mark & Avoid."

*Associated Press, April 14, 1981 Lonnell Johnson, spokesman for TWI denies allegations of infiltration.

*Detroit Evening News, January 9, 1979. An article describing National Guard military training of the elite Way Corps at the Way college in Emporia, Kansas.

*Important Documents.

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