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No Way Out

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Getting Started

Understanding The Way International

The Way International Defined

*Based on an outline by Steve Hassan, this concise outline defines basic terms and gives a general overview. With special sections for current and former members, friends and loved ones, the media, and more.

Overview: The Way International

*Timeline of The Way International, a brief history of V. P. Wierwille, L. Craig Martindale, The Way International, and associated groups.

News Archive

*The Arkansas Democrat gives an excellent overview of The Way -- and the heart-breaking stories of families ripped apart trying to follow destructive teachings, such as sexual promiscuity in marriage.

experiences: Testimony of Former Members

*John Lynn, a former Way Leader, describes sexual misconduct, a tyrannical leadership not accountable to anyone for what he sees as abuses of power, and psychologically abusive tactics used to collect money from followers.

Secrets of The Way

*Many of the Core Beliefs that Wierwille taught disturb mainstream Christians, such as Jesus Christ is not God; today's Jews are actually an impostor tribe from Siberia, not the Bible's chosen people; the Jewish Holocaust is a myth; much of the Gospel doesn't have any real meaning today; and others.

*A growing list of buzzwords used in The Way International.

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