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"Jennifer's" Story

Unfiltered I was in TWI from 1985-1994/5 (depending on who you speak to). I finally left the way in Dec. of 94, but the official version of the story went out in 95. (Of course I was "possessed" and "mark and avoid" by this time).

I was the "darling" of the limb for awhile. When I was WOW under "Reverend Lenny" in 87-88 in Wash. DC, I was one of the "pretty" girls, so I got a lot of attention. (--actually I considered it to be to my advantage. I really wanted to be at the *knee* of a great man of God..). "Rev. Lenny" even took me out occasionally to bless me. I did not consider this unusual as he did it with other WOWs as well. He had a habit of being too friendly, but not in a way that sent up large red flags. He called me by pet names or held my hand, touched my knee, took me to lunch, hugged me a lot, but never crossed any obvious lines. I asked my WOW coordinator about this and she informed me that if more married men took care of lonely single women, there would be less chance that the women would be tempted sexually. I accepted this because I did not want to "think evil" of my married leadership.

After WOW, I was volunteer Limb staff in WV. I went up to TWI for the fourth of July teaching by "Rev. Lenny" as he was always one of my dear friends. On that weekend, he and I toured the grounds with one of my WV friends and "Rev. L" told us stories of the old days. Very nice, but he kept pulling me on his lap IN FRONT OF MY FRIEND and holding my hand, as if I were a girlfriend. I discounted the possibility of his being out of line, I mean he was married, AND someone else was present. I must have misunderstood, right? My friend went back to Founders Hall, and "Lenny" and I talked Bible. Very Nice. Then we went to the Corps chalet where he was staying. I HAD to go to the bathroom BAD. He went right after me, and I noticed he removed his Corps Ordination ring and his wedding ring. We did not leave right away, in fact we joked a little bit. I liked him, I always did. Before I knew it, he was on top of me in the bed. He was (graphic-sorry) rubbing his penis up and down on my hip bones to stimulate himself. I was in SHOCK! I just froze! I looked at him, still ready to let him apologize his way out. He told me it was a mistake and we got ready and left so that he could walk me to Founders Hall.

Now, on the way, a car with lights came up. "Lenny" dropped my hand (which I barely noticed he was holding) and he took my hand back when the car was past. I noted this was very odd. If he was a friend, why would he act this way. Once at the gazebo, we were still talking. I mentioned his Wife "Carrie". I like "Carrie". I told him she would be hurt if she knew what had happened. He looked at me and said, "if you talk, hundreds of thousands of people will be hurt" and zing I could no longer handle the weight of it all. If anyone delivered a devil spirit that night, it was HIM. He still kissed me. In shock I just stood there and allowed it. I can't believe that I did that, but I had NO IDEA what to do next. I fully understand that he was being dishonest. I fully understood that he could kick me out of the ministry, and I fully understood that I didn't want anyone hurt. I noticed in the distance where a small road ran into the complex that BLESS PATROL was there. The van was where it could see it all. I believe to this day that there is a witness to all that happened who has never spoken up. "Lenny" gave me a few more opportunities to go to bed with him, and I refused them all. In fact, the next few times I visited TWI that "Lenny" was there, I found notes in my room and invitations from him. Once I had was very sick and he CARRIED ME THROUGH THE HALLS to his bedroom. There, I lay so sick in his bed and so confused. Two more girls came to his room, a beautiful red head and I didn't fully see the other girl, just heard her. I made a vow then that if I ever found out I was not the only one that "Lenny" had done this to, I would scream the story to the hills. (Last year, I found out, so hear me scream). I have more stories, and I do believe there is evidence to back me up, but it means that witnesses would have to come forward.

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