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What is Unfiltered Information?

We have strucutured the site in three layers.This gives you the greatest access to the unfiltered information that we know of on the Web. Armed with this direct information, you can make your own decisions about important issues of psychological freedoms.

Articles marked Introduction are usually quite brief, staff written and edited, and give you a quick summary of the important issues in the documents they link to.

Commentary Commentary pieces are more indepth, usually written by staff or professional writers. They can be lengthy, but their intent is to put primary source materials in the perspective of the organization or leader being discussed: jargon words, specialized meanings, personalities, history, and so forth.

Unfiltered Our editors have been entrusted with thousands of pages of insider secrets from donors who wish to remain anonymous -- including court documents, internal management reports, tax documents, hospital admission forms, and much, much more. It is our unfiltered information that makes the Web journalism of unique. Why rely solely on the analysis of a journalist when you can read their very sources for yourself?

We believe in open discussion among adults of any topic. Particularly topics that, in our decades-long experiences with cults and other psychologically exploitative groups, have been hidden from their members and the public at large.

We believe such discussion offers "true believers" the opportunity to dispel rumor and innuendo and dissenters the chance to have their case heard. We believe the heat of public discussion and the light of public disclosure may bring about much-needed reform in exploitative groups.

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