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Buzzwords Used in The Way International.

Introduction *Abundance Sharing and ABS: Terms commonly known as tithe and offering.

*Control Your Mind & Drive Your Mind to the Present Truth: Leadership often uses these phrases to convince you to do what they want.

*Divided: A properly "divided," as opposed to "divined," Biblical text has been understood in its proper context.

*Family: Anyone else that is born again.

*Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced: These are the three stages of classes. In order for a person "to take the next step", the first class must be repeated. (Ex. You must have two Foundational Classes completed before you are allowed to take the Intermediate class.)

*God's Call to Discipleship -- the Way of Abundance and Power: Annual theme for TWI.

*Household: Only those born again believers that are a part of TWI.

*Leaf: Individual member of The Way International (all levels are named after parts of a tree).

*Limb: State or regional organizational level of The Way International (all levels are named after parts of a tree).

*Living on a Need Basis: Condition in which a person gives everything financially over and above what is absolutely required to live. All Way Corps and TWI staff are required to live at this level of giving.

*Mark & Avoid: The term used when a person is cast out of the fellowship.

*One-Time Healing: A euphemism allegedly used by The Way clergy to describe and justify wife-swapping and sex between married clergy and married laity.

*PFAL: "Power for Abundant Living," a video-taped class by V.P. Wierwille intended to introduce recruits into the "proper" understanding of the Bible and modern Christian practice.

*Retemories: Bible verses that are required to be memorized by someone attending fellowship. They are distributed at every class as part of the materials.

*ROA: "Rock of Ages Christian Music Festival." The first ROA was held at New Knoxville, Ohio, in 1971 with 1,000 attending. At its peak, the ROA boasted 15,000 or more attendees.

*Salted: & Seasoned: Terms used to express someone's "age" in the fellowship. An advanced class graduate is considered "salted." The longer a person attends twig, the more "salted" they are.

*Speaking in tongues: In The Way International, "speaking in tongues" is a technique of prolonged chanting that could result in a form of hyperventilation, sometimes with severe and dangerous side-effects.

*Twig: Local church or congregation of The Way International (all levels are named after parts of a tree).

*The Way of Abundance and Power Series: Craig Martindale's latest series of teachings devised to replace the Wierwille name. The classes are taught along the same format as PFAL.

*Way Corps: Dedicated inner cadre of The Way International who receive clerical and, allegedly, paramilitary training.

 *Way Disciple: Latest outreach program, lasting four to six months.

*Would you be blessed to...?: A ministry term used to get you to do almost any kind of service. Induces guilt if you would refuse since you are always to be blessed to help out another believer.

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