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What Was That You Just Said?

Almost everyone that is or was involved with TWI is more than familiar with the infamous red stop sign with the letters "S.I.T." in bold white letters. What does this mean? "Speak In Tongues." In TWI, this is called a manifestation.

Their definition of this is: The manifestation of speaking in tongues is your operation of the God-given ability whereby you may (at any time in your private prayer life or in a believers meeting if interpreted) show forth, by speaking in an unknown tongue (unknown language to you), the external manifestation in the senses realm of the internal reality and presence of the power of the holy spirit.

During the Foundational Class, all new followers are trained as to how to use this "gift." They are told things like, "Speak in tongues much.' 'That's what will help you develop your tongue. 'If you are having a bad day at work, stop and speak in tongues to get your peace back.' 'Speaking in tongues will help you sleep.' 'Start your day off right, put God first, speak in tongues.' 'If you are tired, speaking in tongues will refresh you." And the list goes on. Obviously, there are some contradictions here. Speak in tongues to wake up and to go to sleep? According to the Way of Abundance and Power Syllabus there are 18 benefits/purposes for speaking in tongues.

  1. To edify you
  2. To speak to God divine secrets
  3. To speak the wonderful works of God
  4. To magnify God
  5. To pray perfectly
  6. To give thanks well
  7. To open your heart to the Father
  8. To have the Spirit bearing witness with your spirit
  9. To know you are a joint heir with Christ
  10. To strengthen you with might in your inner man
  11. To be a sign to unbelievers
  12. Rest to the soul
  13. Proof of God's resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and of the Ascension
  14. Proof of a new body in the future
  15. Quickens the mortal body
  16. Produces fruit of the spirit
  17. To declare Jesus is lord in your life
  18. . To bring a message from God to the people, when interpreted (indicates significance of God's work in Christ).

With this many different conflicting reasons for speaking in tongues, the opportunities for abuse are high. A young follower, trying to operate this new "gift," being told all of these things, in essence teaches themselves a form of induced dissociation. "I'm stressed (or sad or tired or practicing), I'll speak in tongues." It isn't long before they are automatically speaking in tongues all the time.

In the beginning a new follower is frequently in uncomfortable situations. The pressures of meeting new people and "doing it right" could be considered to be "triggers" for speaking in tongues. If every time they feel stress or pressure they speak in tongues, they are in reality practicing thought stopping. The person stops the uneasy feeling while returning to speaking in tongues, eventually attributing the bad feelings going away to the group.)

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