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Questions for Craig Martindale

Unfiltered An anonymous ex-Way member demands explanations for contradictory Way teachings from current Way leader L. Craig Martindale.

  1. How many faithful followers does The Way have? How many people have left The Way or been dismissed in the past 10 years?

  2. Why did you withdraw the "Power for Abundant Living" class? Were there doctrinal errors in the class?

  3. Why did you discontinue the "Word Over the World" ambassador program?

  4. Why did you end the Rock of Ages Christian Music Festival?

  5. Is it true that The Way is planning to move its headquarters to North Carolina?

  6. In "The Passing of a Patriarch," Chris Geer quotes Dr. Wierwille as saying that your "Athlete of the Spirit" dance production "may well end up costing us the ministry.... If Craig does not come back to the integrity of the Word, then before too long he will begin to blame others.... He chose to discipline himself for the 'Athlete of the Spirit' thing and not for the presidency. Today the seat of the president is basically vacant."

    At the end of the document, you wrote and signed a note saying: "I've read this several times. I believe it to be the truth. It must be adhered to for the survival of this ministry. I stand with The Teacher and the truth of his last words. I love you."

    Do you still believe that? If not, what changed your mind? What specifically do you disagree with in "Patriarch"?

  7. What are your beliefs about adultery? Why did The Way fire John Schoenheit for writing a paper arguing from the Bible that adultery is wrong?

  8. Concerning V.P. Wierwille's alleged plagiarism of B.L. Bollinger's writings, what has been has been done to correct the teachings and acknowledge the correct author?

  9. Concerning the radical change in The Way's class formerly known as the "Power for Abundant Living" (PFAL) course:

    Are they still requiring their upper-level class folks (formerly known as the Way Corps) to maintain weapons, and what is their justification for this?

  10. Concerning the adultery alleged to have happened within the ranks of the leadership:

    What changes in their theological thought or practices has happened in the last 10 years?

  11. Questions have arisen about comments Craig Martindale is quoted as having made regarding him being a rising star in the Baptist denomination. Does The Way International now consider itself part of the Baptist church? Are the Baptists fully aware of your Core Beliefs?

  12. Please clarify The Way International's official standing on the following subjects:

    • Jesus Christ
    • Biblical Accuracy
    • Sex outside of Marriage

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