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Rev. L. Craig Martindale's Response to Recent News Articles

Excerpts from Sunday Night Service Video #1876; May 4, 1997
Copyright 1997 The Way International

Unfiltered ...This past week the St. Mary's Evening Puke Sheet least week or week and a half put out a series of articles attacking us. It was originated by a little punk, wet nose, snot nose new reporter that moved into Wapak a year and a half ago, on assignment from the devil spirit realm...You know if you didn't even believe there was a spirit realm, by sheer logic you would have to believe there was a devil.

They published these articles right after I finished the Advanced Class. The adversary can't stop us from taping our Advanced Class, so he comes in here with the dirtiest, heinous, dastardly bunch of malarkey I've read in a long time about our ministry. All lies, they never gave me an opportunity to respond to any of it. You know the little snot nosed punk came and interviewed Don Wierwille and Brad Thorpe. They were referred to or quoted somewhat in the first article. He told us that's all they were gonna do, ends up a five part series, published all over the area, and full of lies and malarkey...

A lot of you must have read them, right, or know about them, or people have brought them up. Well, you're citizens of this area, write a dog gone letter to that moron and tell him what you think! They don't interview any of you, they didn't interview me. They interview disgruntled ex-members! Boy! That's a classic.....what an original approach to an article, right? They didn't ask me what I thought of John Lynn's bogus, malarkey opinions of the Way Ministry. Great opportunity for him to flaunt his ego, that's all he's done. See. All I know to do is, it's a spiritual competition, we wrestle not against flesh and blood and ya can't kill them. So, ya got live with them.

That's right. But spiritually, I believe you got a green light. I talked about it at lunch here Friday, I know Rob Howe has already talked to his people in the area as much as he's been able to since then. Write your letters! Tell them what you think! Everything in there is a dog gone lie! If it wasn't a straight fact...every dog gone thing in there!

You know what we teach, you know how we live, you know God wouldn't bless our ministry with the abundance of revelation that he gives me and he gives you and the greatness of his word he opens up to us. Stand up and be counted then! Write a letter to that damn rag sheet and put your own name on it! How do you like that?! It's your opportunity! They wouldn't interview me....they couldn't carry my jock strap in a galvanized bucket!

You know, I could walk into that interview half drunk and handle the crap they pulled in that article! Half drunk! And I never been half drunk...when I do it......naw that isn't right. Ha Ha! Well we're suppose to sing sunshine in My Soul and I ain't got any in mine yet,but I'm workin' on it. I tell ya! But, I tell ya, you have a right to respond. It's very jaundiced, very prejudiced, very evil.

The devil spirits have worked mightily in those people, the editors that make the decisions to publish them, in those that write the articles and obviously the ones they've talked to. Very possessed. The spirits just working through them mightily. And of course, the media likes to pride themselves on objectivity...there's no objectivity, they didn't give me an opportunity to respond to the attacks and the criticism that are leveled. They gave me no opportunity. They didn't ask our opinion. They just did it.

I'm not sure anymore what would be a greater blessing to the country, to burn down all the law schools or burn down all the journalism schools. Either way you would have a lot more light and a lot more freedom to live your life in this country. Dr. Wierwille documented it in his day, called it trial by media. Trial by media. That's the worst thing you got go through if you're any kind of individual in our country that's taken a stand on something, it's trial by media. You're accused and spoken against and convicted, even when you didn't commit a crime, didn't even get the privilege of committing all those sins those accuse us of committing, ya know? At least we could get some of the fun out of the sin if we'd done the stuff. Ya know?

But, ya know, speak up! I been blessed to hear in more than a couple of cases I've heard where just people in the communities have spoken up on our behalf, who have said it was very unfair, they know you , they know me, they know our business practices. We pay our bills, they know the quality of our students at all the schools around here, they know the quality of our lives in the way we conduct our lives ethically and above board. We've been here for over 35 years! Some snot nosed punk moves in a year and a half ago and now he's the expert on us? He's the expert on my life? I tell you what, if you ever thought this was a Christian country, you're full of prunes! You ever think there's ethics in journalism, ah, gag me with a New Your Times, I tell you what, or a St. Mary's Evening Puke Sheet, whatever you want to call it.

Well, speak up! We wrestle not against flesh and blood. You got a right to speak the truth from your vantage point. And one of the greatest approaches, and this is how Paul spoke against criticism in the book of Acts, just tell them what The Way Ministry has meant to you personally. How can they argue with that? Tell them what it's meant to you. Tell them how you had no answers spiritually, that your physical life was out of control. Tell them how passions of infamy used to drive you crazy until the word of God we teach got to your soul. Tell them how worthless your life used to be. That's one way to approach it. That's not the only way.

Other ways are just by sheer logic, pick a point or two and knock it upside the head, that you have the authority to speak on. You ain't being paid to do it. You're a volunteer, just like me. You're in this thing because of what it means to your life personally. We have no beholding to any denomination, any Pope, any nothin! Oh, I love the one comment the former moron, ex-follower, that they quote so often, guy hasn't got two brains to rub together, I tell you what, two brain cells to rub together, the spirits have chewed him up so bad. He says I got more control over you than the Pope does over the Roman Catholic's. How do you like that, bible fans? How do you like that? Well at least I don't wear a big stupid hat!

Editors note: I would like to extend that opportuntiy to Rev. Martindale to respond both to the series and this site. Any comments you chose to make will be published in their entirety, unedited.

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