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Abuse in California

I was a passionate apologist for The Way International (TWI) for over six years in the 1980's. During that time however, I noticed odd and contradictory behavior concerning TWI leadership. Most decidedly the contradictory behavior centered around sexual sin.

My husband is active duty Army, so I was able to observe TWI leadership in Germany, Florida, New York and Kansas. The area I was able to witness most of TWI's leadership capabilities was in Los Angeles, California. My husband was stationed with the L.A. Recruiting Battalion, and while he worked in downtown L.A., my Twig fellowships, and most all of my encounters with Way functions occurred in the San Fernando Valley. We rented a home in Mission Hills for three years. It was during that time that I was able to observe a great deal of how The Way operated.

I noticed a pompous attitude from leadership that permeated Way functions, however, I held these men in such high esteem at the time, that I saw this pride-filled, puffed-up disposition as confidence. In retrospect, it was sinful pride. These so-called 'men of God' were nothing but men who were led astray by Way doctrine, deceived and exalted by members who perpetuated this sense of ego-centric adulation.

L.A. was a fast growing area for TWI, so leadership from many levels visited the area and there were numerous functions where I was able to observe the men in power.

It was during this time that I witnessed a strange break with Biblical principles The Way claimed to hold in such high esteem.

Our Limb leader, who had a mother and father in a high position at The Way headquarters, simply up and left his wife of 16 years, and moved in with a very wealthy older woman. Not only that, but he had taken all the money out of the bank accounts. His wife called me one day to tell me this, and also that by the end of the month, she was going to be evicted onto the street with no money, no job skills, and four children. I had heard rumors about them, but I had no idea about the reality of the situation. She said she had nowhere to go, no car (her husband had it), and no one to help her move out of her rented home.

She wanted me to go down to the welfare office with her so she could register for food stamps, which I did. She was so brave, and so strong, putting on such a good face for her four beautiful children. I was amazed by her courage and optimistic stand on God's Word in the midst of all of this personal and financial disaster.

While all this was going on, I had been attending functions where Jack and his mistress were. I noticed the leadership, to include Reverend Morani, embracing Jack as if he had done nothing wrong. Forgiveness was one thing, but this was acquiescence!

He and his new girlfriend were popping up everywhere. I was in almost daily contact with Linda and I asked if she had been invited to any Way fellowships or meetings, the answer was no. It was just a matter of days before she was to move out of her home, and she had not received even one call from David Moroni, our Branch leader, or Cathy his wife or anyone in leadership since Jack had left her. I was outraged.

I let Cathy Moroni know as much. I told her about Linda and she seemed quite annoyed that I was suggesting that The Way had a responsibility to this poor woman, and they weren't meeting it. Her response was that the ministry wasn't 'capable' of extending 'financial charity' so what was it I expected anyone to do?

I could hardly contain my disgust when I spat that the least they could do was to find out the day she would be moving and to offer help. Cathy said she would discuss this with David.

As it turned out, Linda was helped by David himself no less, and a few others (my husband was out of town on yet another Army Recruiting mission). They were able to load her rental truck for her and gave the bare minimum assistance to move her family north to her mother's home.

That was the last Linda ever heard from the leadership of The Way. It was the last time I placed my faith in the men of The Way International too.

I didn't understand then but understand today, why a supposedly Biblically based organization would embrace a man in a leadership position even while he openly lived with a woman who wasn't his wife. A man who left his entire family destitute, while he lived in style with his wealthy mistress in Beverly Hills even before a legal separation was filed.

Today, I know the answer. The answer is money. The wife who was left behind didn't have any. The new mistress of the Limb leader was extremely wealthy, and The Way of California welcomed her and their Limb leader's lifestyle with open arms.

A common practice with cult leaders is sexual deviation. The Way International is no exception, and I was a reluctant witness to this. Usually it is men in power who run these organizations and who succumb to sexual temptation all the while preaching to the membership against sexual sin.

The Way International, like Mormonism (Latter-Day Saints), Jehovah's Witnesses and other groups deceive the public when they claim to be Christians. They usually hide from the public that they have a "unique" approach, as their founders claim to have never-before-heard-of revelation. They believe they have a "corner" on truth and that their deception is therefore justified."

"A Baptist, Lutheran, or Catholic believing they are exploring simply 'another' gospel of Christ is being lied to. Don't be fooled. Don't be deceived as I was once deceived."

Note: Names in this article have been changed to maintain privacy for all parties.

Carol J. Van Drie
November 1997

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