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Core Beliefs of The Way International

Introduction *Jesus Christ is not God.

*There is no Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

* The modern-day Jews are not the chosen people of the Bible. They are an unrelated tribe from Siberia.

*Homosexuals are "the lowest" of the devil spirits and are "worthy of death."

*Sex between married lay people and married Way Corps clergy can be a "one-time healing," rather than sinful adultery or the abuse of a care-taking relationship.

*Mary was not the mother of God, but the mother of a man. Praying to her is idolatry.

* Speaking in tongues is evidence that a follower has been born again. (As practiced in The Way International, "speaking in tongues" is another name for dangerous, prolonged hyperventilation.)

*People are asleep after they die until the return of Jesus Christ.

*Jesus Christ is "the Son of God but not God the Son" according to The Way publication Jesus Christ Is Not God.

*The Holy Spirit is not a person but a force, the power confirmed at Pentecost, thus no Trinity is possible.

*Human beings do not possess immortal souls.

*There will be two resurrections. One for the Believers and another at a later time for the pre-Pentecost and non- believers.

*Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday and raised on a Saturday.

*There are Five crosses on Calvary.

* Instead of crosses, everyone was crucified on a stake.

* The Gospels belong in the Old Testament. Only those Gospels that talk directly to the Church apply to the believers today. The rest of the Bible is "for our learning" but doesn't have any real meaning today.

*"Speaking in tongues" is required to demonstrate your Salvation and being in alignment with God.

*No special day of worship -- Sunday is not the sabbath.

*The Holy Day of Pentecost is exalted over Christmas and Easter.

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