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TM Links

Links to Cult Sites

We offer links for information only. trancenet.net's board, editors, staff, and volunteers neither endorse nor support organizations listed. As time permits, editors review content & quality. Submit URL. A listing here does not imply that trancenet.net considers any specific group a cult -- but a significant number of critics and members may have labeled it as such.

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General Cult Information

blackball.GIF ex-cult.org
Huge archive on many, if not most, groups.

Steve Hassan Steve Hassan
Author of the best-selling book on recovering from cults, Combatting Cult Mind Control.

blackball.GIF Cult Awareness Network
CAN promotes public awareness of the harmful effects of mind control. CAN does not judge doctrine or belief. [Important Note: We do not recommend contacting the Cult Awareness Network, or CAN. An extraordinarily courageous and useful organization in the past, CAN was recently forced into bankruptcy with the help of the Church of Scientology, who now owns their records and mans their phones.]

Recovering Former Cultists Support Network for folks hurt by involvement with abusive organizations and relationships.

blackball.GIFCult Awareness & Information Centre
"Gidday Mate!! We hope the information here will demonstrate other viewpoints and provide food for thought, for members of cults and high demand groups and those considering joining such a group."

blackball.GIF F.A.C.T.Net 3 Home Page
Battling more than just Scientology -- with information. (The web design may look familiar to readers of TranceNet.)

blackball.GIF F.A.C.T.Net Home Page
A new and interesting addition to the fight for psychological and other freedoms.

blackball.GIF The Observer Cults Site
From the Michigan Militia to Elvis fan clubs to Transcendental Meditation, people want to believe and belong.

AFF, formerly the American Family Foundation, offers archives of their Cultic Studies Journal, Bob Schecter's invaluable Cult Oberserver, a bookstore, and much more.

blackball.GIF Dave's Cult Page
Scientology, Eckankar, TM, many more

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Christian and Related

blackball.GIFChristian Research Institute
CRI hosts an exhaustive archive of news and scholarship on cults -- from the Christian perspective.

blackball.GIFTriumphing Over London Cults
The London Church of Christ is the UK branch of a fast-growing religious cult, the International Church of Christ (also known as the Boston Church of Christ or Boston Movement).

blackball.GIFInternational Church of Christ Home Page
Sidney Juachon

blackball.GIF"BCC tactics raise questions about "mind control""
The Tech

blackball.GIFGarbage Eaters: Nomadic, Bible-based cult
Larry Wilcox

blackball.GIFUnited Pentecostal Church

blackball.GIFLife Tabernacle - United Pentecostal Church

blackball.GIFChristian Cultwatch Organization

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Jehovah's Witnesses

blackball.GIFLeaving Jehovah's Witnesses
Timothy Campbell's resource.

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blackball.GIF"The Watchtower Observer"

blackball.GIFThe Watchtower Observer

blackball.GIFCult Information Network
Information about Jehovah's Witnesses and other Bible groups.

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Local Churches (Living Stream Ministry)

blackball.GIF "Local Church" Research Site
Daniel Azuma

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blackball.GIFLiving Stream Ministry
"Local Church"

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Hutterian Brethren East/The Bruderhof/The Society of Brothers

blackball.GIFThe Peregrine Foundation

blackball.GIFThe Children of the Bruderhof International

blackball.GIFKIT Newsletter

blackball.GIFBruderhof Communities

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A broadly researched and even-handedly presented secular site on the alleged deceptions of the Church of the Latter Day Saints (the "Mormons").

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The Urantia Book
Not affiliated with Urantia Foundation, but proUrantia. Includes some critical material, including law suits.

The Urantia Foundation
"Official" site.

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blackball.GIFWhy Waco?
Full text, by James Tabor & Eugene V. Gallagher, University of California Press

blackball.GIFThe Ashes of Waco
Book by Dick J. Reavis

blackball.GIFA Brief Stop at Mount Carmel
Daniel Tobias

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blackball.GIFAmway: The Untold Story
Sidney Schwartz

blackball.GIFAmway: Facts for Thought
Jackie Diesing

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Multi- Level Marketing

blackball.GIFWhat's Wrong with Multi-Level Marketing?
Dean Van Druff

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Church of Scientology

blackball.GIF The Church of Scientology vs. the Net
Ron Newman's page -- the place to begin.

blackball.GIFScamizdat Memorial - Yet Another Scientology Home Page

blackball.GIF Church of Scientology International v. Fishman and Geertz
David S. Touretzky

blackball.GIF Modemac's Scientology Page
Reverend Modemac

blackball.GIF The Church of Scientology

blackball.GIF "EFF "Church of Scientology v the Net" ARCHIVE"

blackball.GIF Sloth's Suppressive Person's Page

blackball.GIF Tilman Hausherr's home page

blackball.GIF Church of Scientology International v. Fishman and Geertz

blackball.GIF Stephen's UK Scientology page

blackball.GIF Martin Poulter's Scientology critics page

blackball.GIF Stupid Secrets of the Sue-happy Scientologists

blackball.GIF SCIENTOLOGY v. the INTERNET: Free Speech & Copyright Infringement on the Information Super-Highway
Skeptic Magazine

blackball.GIF Task Force for Responsibility and Freedom on the Internet
Scientology-backed group.

blackball.GIF theta.com
Scientology-backed group.

blackball.GIF International ViewPoints
An interesting Web magazine out of Denmark, that traces the roots of Scientology to the 1934 book, Scientologie by A. Nordenholz. It explores the philosophy and technology of Scientology separate from the Church of Scientology.

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blackball.GIFMaitreya - Spiritual Information Centre
Followers claim the now-you-see'im-now-you-don't "Maitreya" is the Second Coming of Christ, the prophesied "Future Buddha," incarnation of Krishna, and return of Mohammed. (He doesn't claim to be the Hopi's "White Buffalo," strangely enough.) Nuff said?

blackball.GIFHare Krishna Home Page

blackball.GIFMadhudvisah dasa Swami

blackball.GIF Leaving Siddha Yoga
It is our belief that by talking about and sharing our truth we can help ourselves deal with the process of healing. Along the way, perhaps we can help someone else out as well.

blackball.GIF Ravi Shankar: The Art of Living
This spin-off of TM -- Shankar was once one of the Maharishi's troupe -- has been growing by leaps and bounds, particularly in Eastern Europe. It teaches a form of hyperventilation, sudarshan kriya, that can bring euphoria, energy rushes in the body, and so forth. It can also lead to alkalosis of the blood and possible damage to the central nervous system. (Fainting, crabbing or clawing of hands, or tremors in arms and legs are all symptoms reported.) We have received other, unverified reports of sexual harassment, death threats, and questionable financial dealings. As with all such groups, approach with caution -- and judge for yourself.

blackball.GIFSai Baba Links

blackball.GIFShing-Te Li
Quan Yin Method/Supreme Master Ching Hai

blackball.GIFRajneesh/Osho/Friends of Osho
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh said to be reincarnated as Osho.

blackball.GIFWhite Lotus/True Lotus/SABSA/Guru Busters
Founded by controversial Ari Lindemann/White Lotus/True Lotus/Terry Fisher, who indicates it is dedicated to helping end sexual harassment and other forms of abuse within the meditation community.

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Soka Gakkai

blackball.GIFClearing House for Information on Soka Gakkai
Backed by competing sect.

blackball.GIFSoka Gakkai International-USA
Backed by Soka Gakkai.

blackball.GIFSoka Gakkai International (SGI)
Unofficial but pro-Soka Gakkai.

blackball.GIFSoka University
Soka Gakkai's university.

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blackball.GIF David Rife
The best-known independent resource on Eckankar.

blackball.GIFDavid Lane's Neural Surfer
Professor Lane first blew the whistle on Eckankar founder Paul Twitchell's alleged plagairism of Indian traditions. Includes the full-text of many books and articles.

blackball.GIFThe Making of a Spiritual Movement (Eckankar)
David Lane

blackball.GIFEckankar Home Page
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blackball.GIFPeter McWilliams

blackball.GIFLIFE 102: What to Do When Your Guru Sues You
Full text of Peter McWilliams's classic.

blackball.GIFMovement for Inner Spiritual Awareness
(John-Roger Hinkins / Insight Seminars)

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The Forum / Landmark / est

blackball.GIFMy Experience in the Forum
James B. Endres

blackball.GIFLandmark Education
Andy Testa & anonymous

blackball.GIFLandmark Forum: Rants and Raves

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blackball.GIFLifespring Home Page

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blackball.GIFThe LaRouche Movement

blackball.GIFCommittee to Reverse the Accelerating Global Economic and Strategic Crisis
Lyndon LaRouche

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