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Can a Web site ever hope to be the complete answer to psychological exploitation?

Of course not! We focus on a neatly definable part of the entire cult problem: free access to information. Because knowledge is the linchpin -- no one enters or continues a con game knowingly -- we feel Internet information is the most cost-effective and broadest reaching service we can provide.

"Thanks, thanks and thanks again for this site! I found you through Yahoo.... [These] people seem to ... use these unique and very powerful experiences to tempt people into the old mind-control game. I hope that they discover themselves the dangers of their methods."
And your contribution will help support so much more than trancenet.net Web publications. Because we offer information and encouragement via email and phone contact to hundreds of cult veterans and loved ones each month. We support free discussion email listservs for hundreds of recovering members annually. We provide information to some of the world's largest news organizations. And we do research for many therapists who work in cult recovery and many law firms who fight exploitative groups in the courts.

Kindly send info on TM in Mozambique.... Providing information is the all-important first step. Frequently, a cult veteran, family, or loved one requests professional help, and we provide referrals to organizations who offer credentialed programs.

Finally, we believe that trancenet.net does something most important of all: We fight to preserve freedom of belief for everyone -- especially members of new religions.

We feel strongly the last thing the world needs is a new excuse to persecute people for non-mainstream beliefs. That is why our approach is never doctrinal, never uses intrusive proselytizing. We simply provide access to suppressed information, with little or no commentary, so that group members and the public may make their own informed choices. Without pressure. In private.

I invite you to take part in the extraordinary journey of discovery that we at trancenet.net are embarked on. I invite you to make a difference in thousands of lives.

Won't you take just a few moments to make a micro-donation with maximum impact -- right now -- because your intended act of kindness may get lost in the details of your busy day?

Simply click on the appropriate links at the top or bottom of this Web page for information on how to make a secure credit card donation via the Web or mail your check or money order via snail mail. (Donation amounts vary slightly to cover service charges.)
Remember just $1.39 will sponsor one cult veteran for an entire year. And we will be pleased to let the world know of your generosity by listing you on our sponsors page (with email or html links, if you wish).

Thanks for allowing me to share this wonderful work with you!

John M. Knapp
executive director,

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Thanks for your contribution via credit card! Thanks for contribution via snail mail!
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