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New to cults? In recovery? Family or loved one? Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated:
Thu, Aug 10, 2000
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Natural Law Party
* John Hagelin, presumed presidential candidate of the Natural Law Party and one wing of the Reform Party, is represented in the mainstream press as a viable, alternative, third-party candidate. What few publications have dared to report is that Hagelin is a "stealth" candidate for the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation movement -- an extreme, fundamentalist Hindu sect with bizarre goals for world domination.

Outlined in a quick, easy-to-read FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) format, Unnatural FAQs is an independent, critical resource on The Natural Law Party and John Hagelin. This Web site reveals suppressed and under-reported insider secrets, scandals, news archive, and more -- including violence, suicide, child molestation, and extreme psychological damage within the Transcendental Meditation movement.

Unnatural FAQs includes the submissions of numerous former members of Transcendental Meditation and the Natural Law Party. Neither Unnatural FAQs nor are associated in any way with the Natural Law Party, the Transcendental Meditation movement, the Maharishi, or any of the various front organizations that hold copyrights or other legal rights to their products.
House of Jacob
*Communal Living on the "Farm" -- In our first submission to our personal stories archive, an anonymous author describes her horrific upbringing within the "House of Jacob": rampant child sexual abuse, eating disorders, suicide attempts, constant and overwhelming mind control.

*Personal Statement of Robert Arthur: -- A great nephew of House of Jacob's second Father alleges physical abuse, as well as financial and emotional destructiveness, were commonplace for members of the House of Jacob.

*The Collins Family Murders: The Mysterious Death of the Family of Father's Brother: -- An investigation into mysterious deaths of the Collins family, brother of the Father of the House of Jacob.

*"Is the "House of Jacob" a Cult?:" -- We compare the structure and teachings of the "House of Jacob" to well-known definitions of a cult.

*Recent Watchman Fellowship Profile Article on the "House of Jacob"
*Secrets, stories, news, research, more!
The Way International
No Way Out -- New Issue 6/98!
*Destruction of a Woman -- "Jennifer" shares sexual indiscretions of one of TWI's Way Corp.
*TWI Coordinator Imprisoned -- for conspiracy to commit fraud.
*Secrets, stories, news, research, more!
Transcendental Meditation
*Yagyas Come out of the Closet
*Illustrated Weekly of India Expos» of MMY
*6 New Personal Stories
*Scientific Critiques of TM
*Hypnosis vs. TM -- Any Difference?
*Secrets, stories, law, research, more!
Wealthy spiritual guru Lenz found dead on Long Island, Tuesday, April 14, 1998, 8:16 a.m. PDT
*Secret teachings, law cases, news archive, more!
Deepak Chopra
Shameless Mind
New Issue -- 2/98
*Secret teachings, law cases, news archive, more!
*Moonism FAQ
Moon/Unification Church
*Secret teachings, law cases, news archive, more!
Krishna Today
New Issue Released -- June 1998
*Book excerpt -- entry into ISKCON
*"Children of a Harsh Bliss"
*Synopsis & Excerpts -- Betrayal of the Spirit
Letters to the Editor
*Lively debate, rumors, exclusive articles, and more!
Garbage Eaters
The Roberts Parents Group -- New Issue 7/98!
*Secrets, stories, news, research, more, on what critics have called the most mysterious Bible-based group of all.
*Featured on a heartbreaking ABC 20/20 segment this Spring.
*Essays, archives, more!
Cultic Relationships
*Cultic Relationships FAQ
Shattered Hearts -- New Issue 1/98!
* Welcome to My Nightmare
* Cults and Elder Abuse
* DSM--IV 0n Abusive Personalities
* Recovery Using the Herman Model
* Are You Being Abused?
*Essays, archives, more!
Heaven's Gate
*Heaven's Gate FAQ
Heaven's Gate
*Secret teachings, law cases, news archive, more!
Timely information on the ongoing tragedy. Plus academic readings, news reports, and significant Internet postings.
Chen Tao/
God's Salvation Church
*Chen Tao Defined
*Chen Tao Watch Site

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