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Vol.3, No. 3 - October 1997

New to Transcendental Meditation? TM Defined


*Mother Jane Greene testifies that she left TM because of her daughter and the parental neglect the TM movement demanded.

*UC Berkeley professor Robert Bellah testifies that TM is a religion -- and that a major spokesperson for TM admitted as much to him.

*Former TM teacher Linda Kehl says, "I have paid a high price due to the deception. I am partially aware of the physical, psychological, and emotional damage I experienced from using the T.M. techniques let alone the time and my financial loss..... [T]o those still living the lie, and to those who may buy the lie, I feel an overwhelming concern and obligation to bring information forward so that the truth about this group can be made publically [sic] known."

*Former TM teacher and trancenet.net director Don Krieger explains his reasons for leaving TM -- and working actively to spread information about the group. "As a responsible person, I am unwilling to deceive people to get them to start TM, nor am I willing to stand idly by while this is done. I and numerous others have come to significant harm as a result of TM practice and involvement with the TM movement..... Wake up, Helgi. How long have you been meditating? Are you enlightened? Would you have spent the money and time you've spent on TM till now if you had known at the beginning what you know now?"

*Edgar Squires, professor emeritus at Humboldt State University, reveals he gave up the practice of TM due to debilitating psychomotor side-effects that the Maharishi personally was unable to treat.


*Yes, We Are No Religion! The Transcendental Meditation movement for years has secretly been performing sacrifices to Hindu gods, such as Shiva, Kali, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Krishna -- going so far in the last year as to mail calendars to insiders listing "Auspicious Days" for "more comprehensive effectiveness."

Say what? Cute, little "yes-we-are-a-science-and-not-a-religion" TM? Harmless, wacky Natural Law Party? How'd we get to such a bizarre place?

*Former TM teacher Gregory Randolph discusses esoteric TM teachings -- such as the necessity of reincarnation as higher beings for human enlightenment -- hidden from the public and general TM meditators.


* "A Controlled Study of the EEG During Transcendental Meditation: Comparison With Hypnosis: Andris K. Tebecis, Ph.D., Folia Psychiatrica et Neurologica Japonica, Vol. 29, No. 4, 1975." Seriously challenges experimental design and results of Wallace's and Banquet's pro-TM research. Also finds little or no difference between the results of TM and self-hypnosis.

*Executive Director of The New York Academy of Sciences Heinz Pagels decries deception, distortion, and hints at fraud regarding TM movement-sponsored research and 'scientific' principles. "Reading these materials authorized by the Maharishi causes me distress because I am a man who values the truth.... I would like to be generous to the Maharishi and his movement because it supports world peace and other high ideals. But none of these ideals could possibly be realized within the framework of a philosophy that so willfully distorts scientific truth."

* Professor John Patterson -- a member of the Iowa Academy of Sciences and consultant to Committee for the Scientific Investigation of claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) strongly denounces TM movement-sponsored research: "The TM movement, like the creation "science" movement, is in my considered opinion a religiously-based and fraudulent pseudoscience.... No competent scientist, on the basis of present scientific understanding, could seriously subscribe to the TM views.... Maharishi Mahesh Yogi professes to hold a degree in physics and there have been at least two Ph.D. holders in the MIU Physics Department alone over the years. This, along with other considerations, causes me to rule out the charges of gross scientific incompetence and opt instead for the charges of dishonesty, deliberate deceit and or fraud."


Landmark exposé of the Maharishi by Illustrated Weekly of India includes: allegations of physical and sexual abuse of children, money laundering, tax evasion, and 'anti-social activities.' In depth interviews with Indian officials, the Maharishi's personal assistant Brahmachari Nandkishore, former inmates of the compound, and more. Full text -- first time on the Web!

*News Archive We add stories from the news media on a continuing basis. Largest independent archive of TM news on the Web!

*Past Issues of TranceNet.

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