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TranceNet: TM Secret Teachings


We provide info on the TM, bliss, primordial sound, and nighttime techniques below. If you think your head might explode (medical term) or you might otherwise come to harm by reading this, please read no further. You could, of course, just save this message without reading it until some day in the future when you want to save yourself 700 bucks or more. We absolutely do not recommend that you practice or even try these techniques. We struggle with the idea that we are doing people a disservice by providing information about something which may cause them harm. But we count it more compelling to expose the " secrets" and give people the dignity of making their own choices.

Adapted from Director Don Krieger

*"Mantra Meanings Revealed"

Selections from the Tantra of the Great Liberation, the Mantra Sastra, and The Garland of Letters show that TM's supposedly meaningless bija (seed) mantras invoke Hindu gods. For example, "AING" is a name for Saraswati. We also discuss the meanings of the "advanced techniques." As further proof that TM mantras are widely known and available throughout India, we include depositions from the Kropinski case that show that TM does not differ from japa (mantra repetition) as taught by Swami Sivananda -- and may be derived from his teachings.

""When Is a Meaningless Sound Not Meaningless? When It's a Tantric Name of a Hindu God""

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*"Nighttime Techniques"

From the late '60s through at least the late '80s, various advanced technique teachers in the TM Movement instructed long-term TMers in the infamous "Nighttime Technique." As is so often the case, this "advanced technique" has varied wildly over time. Below are variations revealed by anonymous long-term practitioners.

"Nighttime Techniques"

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*"Chopra Techniques"

First time on the Web! Basic meditation, psychophysiological, and bliss techniques revealed.

"Chopra Techniques Revealed"

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*"Secret TM Checking and Initiation Procedures"

First time on the Web! Links to TM's hypersecret Personal and Group Checking, Steps of Initiation, Children's Initiation, and Three Nights Checking!

The checking and initiation procedures are unique to TM. Most eastern traditions practice group meditation, but no other employs an "opening and closing the eyes" trance induction to begin. Some TMers believe these procedures are derived from Vedic literature. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The "checking procedures" all use a trance-induction method reminiscent of Western hypnotism.

TM initiators memorize these procedures during the Teacher Training Course (TTC). They may only be "inscribed in consciousness" -- that is, memorized from dictation -- and may never be written down, in order to preserve the "purity of the teaching."

The checking procedures always end with reinforcements, particularly powerful in the post-trance state. These post-trance suggestions are repeated thousands of times during a TM meditator's career.

These trance-induction procedures, in various forms, are used by the TM movement as early as age 3.

"TM Checking & Initiation Procedures"

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*"Quick -- Name Another Science with a Holy Tradition"

Here for the first time on the Web is the entire text of The Holy Tradition, a secret book given only to new TM teachers.

The Holy Tradition was once the primary textbook on TM Teacher Training Phase III, containing the Sanskrit text and a sanitized English translation of the puja or "initiation ceremony," discussion of the performance and meaning of the puja, and a brief, probably mythical history of Indian religious figures said by the Maharishi to be "the Holy Tradition" who kept the knowledge of TM alive for thousands of years.

Beginning in 1977, The Holy Tradition was banned on TM Teacher Training courses, reportedly out of fear of more Federal court cases like Malnak v. Yogi, which found TM to be religious and barred the teaching of TM and SCI in New Jersey public schools. Despite judgments by Federal courts and the ensuing disbelief of the media and public, TM organizations have insisted for nearly 25 years that they are not a religion or religious.

Religion or science? Read The Holy Tradition -- you be the judge!

"Quick -- Name Another Science with a Holy Tradition"

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*"The TM Initiator's Pledge of Loyalty"

Here is the document that all graduates of TM Teacher Training Phase III are required to sign before becoming TM teachers. Of course, after four months of 6-hour a day meditation-induced trance and round-the-clock indoctrination, most of us would have signed anything.

Please note that we were not given copies of this "contract" to refer to. On the 1978 Leysin course, we were told by representatives of the Maharishi that this agreement had no legal force, but that the TM movement relies on the "laws of karma for enforcement -- which operate for all eternity."

This version was used through the late 1970s. It is possible that today's version varies somewhat. Please note the direct address to the altar of the Maharishi's dead teacher "Guru Dev" and "spreading the Light of God."

Publicly available in the court records of Malnak v. Yogi (U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey, Civil Action No. 76-341), and Doe [Kropinski] v. Yogi (U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, Consolidated Civil Action Nos. 85-2848-852854), this document is in the public domain. Your tax dollars paid for it.

You own it.

"TM Initiator's Pledge of Loyalty"

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*"Abandoned TM Techniques: Part 1, Special Techniques"

An anonymous TranceNet reader reveals that he was trained as a "Special Techniques" instructor. Once touted as cures for "unstressing," overeating, smoking, and a host of other ills, these expensive, secret techniques were dropped by the Maharishi in the late '70s, reportedly for lack of interest -- and results. The author explains in detail how to do the techniques. Exclusive to TranceNet (Click here for information on how you can submit material to TranceNet.)

"Abandoned TM Techniques: Part 1, Special "

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*"Abandoned TM Techniques: Part 2, Age of Enlightenment Techniques"

Before TM Sidha and Governor training, there was the fabled "Six Month Course" -- briefly described by Lotus founder, Mitch Kapor. The "Age of Enlightenment Techniques" were "developed" by the Maharishi in the mid-70s. No longer taught, they may have been an attempt to discover how to do traditional dharan as described in Patanjali's sutras.

They also appear to be strikingly similar to techniques Paramahansa Yogananda taught to novices. TM teachers who have seen the secret videotape, "Other Systems," know that the Maharishi was fascinated by techniques of spiritual masters such as L. Ron Hubbard, Gurdjieff, Maharaj Ji, and especially Yogananda. He was curious about these techniques, asking former practitioners to describe them in detail at every opportunity.

Presented for the first time on the Web, the Age of Enlightenment Techniques are described in detail from testimony from the Kropinski trial.

"Abandoned TM Techniques, Part 2: Age of Enlightenment Techniques"

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*"Supernormal Marketing: The Original TM Ads"

A subject of perennial debate on alt.meditation.transcendental: Exactly which techniques did Maharishi teach -- and what results did he promise? Some TM apologists claim that the structure of the TM- Sidhi course has never changed -- yet here is proof that MMY once taught "invisibility" -- a technique no longer taught, presumably because of the visible lack of results. Other apologists claim that the TM movement never claimed that "levitation" meant lifting off effortlessly: Read here the truth in the movement's own, Maharishi-approved words. One of the earliest ads claims that anyone practicing the TM technique alone will experience supernormal abilities -- saving thousands of dollars for impoverished Seekers, had we only known. Here are a rogue's gallery of printed advertisements from the 70s and 80s that should settle these and other questions once and for all. UPDATED October 9, 1995 by anonymous reader's contribution to TranceNet.High Bandwidth GIF  ADVISORY

Supernormal Marketing: The Original TM-Sidhi Ads

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*"What the Hell is 'Natural Law?'"

Ever wonder what the "natural law" in the Natural Law Party means? TM outsiders seem to assume it means allegiance to some pseudo-scientific rigamarole. Most TM insiders think of "natural law" as Vedic Law. TM teachers know that "natural law" is inextricably intertwined with the Hindu Gods like Indra, Lakshmi, and Ganesh. But the concept of "natural law" has a much more specific meaning within the innermost circles of TM: It literally refers to the "Laws of Manu," the smriti or Vedic law to which every TM teacher must swear allegiance. With strict rules to maintain the caste system, strictures on abortion, and a definite opinion on woman's place in the world, here are a few highlights from your future -- if the Natural Law Party assumes power:

"The Laws of Manu: The Maharishi's 'Natural Law'"

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*"Who's Puja Is It, Anyway?"

Most TMers, even TM teachers, believe that the puja was written by the Maharishi himself -- or perhaps it is a secret ceremony passed down for generations by the "Holy Tradition" that the Maharishi claims to represent.

Tain't so.

Even when we thought we were being told the esoteric truth, we were still being lied to!

But the real shocker is that it appears the Maharishi cobbled together scraps of sanskrit poetry to create a "Hindoo ceremony" to wow the Western crowd. We include the true sources of the puja, with links to sanskrit resources you can check out yourself.

"Whose Puja Is It, Anyway?"

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*"Soma and the Gods"

Much like the Church of Scientology's OT materials, "Soma and the Gods" lays out a private, freakish theology in a way that the public is not deemed "ready" for by the Maharishi and the movement.

The Maharishi describes a parasitic relationship between TMers and the Vedic Gods. TMers produce the magical chemical Soma in their gut. Then the Vedic Gods, principally Indra, descend from Heaven and feed on the Soma. In return for this primitive relationship, the Gods grant all manner of boons. TMers become successful, happy, prosperous, develop supernormal abilities, and in general receive all the benefits promised in the Introductory Lecture.

"Soma and the Gods"

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*Beacon Light of the Himalayas

First Time on the Web! Entire Text! The Beacon Light of the Himalayas has been suppressed by the TM movement for over 40 years -- even though it contains the Maharishi's first-known writings. Apparently for very good reason.

They contradict nearly every contemporary teaching of the TM movement.

Beacon Light of the Himalayas

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*Maharishi Now Selling Aphrodisiacs!

First Time on the Web! Text & Photos! Maharishi Ayurveda Corporation Ltd., "the makers of world-renowned Maharishi Amrit Kalash," is now in the business of making male aphrodisiacs, masturbation aids, and stimulants. Known as ENERGOL-MA, they are being smuggled illegally into the U.S. without FDA approval. Believe It -- Or Not!

MAV Aphrodisiacs

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*A Peek Inside Mother Divine

A family's personal story about their brush with some of TM's most exotic members -- Mother Divine. "We felt like we were invaded by aliens. I have not mentioned, but feel comfortable quoting some things that I have read to them. Considering our guests bizarre behavior, I feel quite comfortable that what I have read there is true."

A Peek Inside Mother Divine

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*All the TM-Sidhi Sutras Revealed

Here for the first time on the Web is a full discussion of the TM-Sidhi program: the full 18 sutra "citizen's" program and how to do it, the even more secret Governor's sutras for invisibility and more, the original marketing and research materials that promised enlightenment and levitation, an in-depth analysis of the TM-Sidhis and hyperventilation, and finally a warning from the mainstream Indian tradition to avoid their practice as dangerous and a waste of time.

TM-Sidhi Sutras Revealed

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*Sacrifices to Hindu Gods

The Transcendental Meditation movement for years has secretly been performing sacrifices to Hindu gods, such as Shiva, Kali, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Krishna -- going so far in the last year as to mail calendars to insiders listing "Auspicious Days" for "more comprehensive effectiveness."

Say what? Cute, little "yes-we-are-a-science-and-not-a-religion" TM? Harmless, wacky Natural Law Party? How'd we get to such a bizarre place?

Yes, We Are No Religion top ]

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