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Trancenet: TM Special Techniques

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Trancenet: TM Special Techniques

The author of this article, who wishes to remain anonymous, became a TM teacher ("initiator") on the Fiuggi course in 1972. He was also instructed in additional techniques that the Maharishi offered in the '70s, long since discontinued, reportedly for lac k of interest -- and results.

The Special Techniques were a set of initiations for people with problems in "unstressing," overeating, smoking, or alcohol/drug use. These techniques were not advertised, but provided to those in our centers "as needed." Each center was instructed to select one teacher ("initiator") to get the techniques and conduct the as-needed programs at home.

Instruction in the techniques was to be:

The Special Techniques were taught by a man named Eberhard Arnold, at Maharishi's instruction. The technique was as follows:

That was it. The initiate was to do this before meals, and/or whenever there was a craving for smoking, eating, drinking, or anxiety.

We were told not to ask "Is it easy?" but "Can you do it?" Slight concentration was advised.

After each meditation, for 2-3 minutes. When needed, 2-5 minutes.

I never taught a course in this. We never had the demand.

Another technique given in Fiuggi, an "unstressing" soother, was "After meditation, after the 2 minutes of silence, say the first part of the puja mentally." It was called "The Earphone Technique."

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