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John M. Knapp
Contributing Editors
Anonymous TM teachers, sidhas, and others in Canada, the U.S., and Europe.
We wish to thank the following individuals for their many contributions. The success of Trancenet is due to their advice, inspiration, and aid. The mistakes -- and the liability -- are our own.

Several educators, therapists, lawyers, and other professionals who wish to remain anonymous at this time.

And the many, many generous contributors of documents, ideas, good wishes, and funds.

We believe in open discussion among adults of any topic. Particularly topics that, in our decades-long TM experience, have been hidden from initiates and the public at large.

We believe such discussion offers TM believers the opportunity to dispel rumor and innuendo and TM dissenters the chance to have their case heard. We believe the heat of public discussion and the light of public disclosure may bring about much-needed reform in the TM movement.

Since June, 1995, we have been entrusted with thousands of pages of insider and public TM material from donors who wish to remain anonymous -- including court documents, internal management reports, tax documents, hospital admission forms, and much, much more. Over the coming months, we will make as much of this original source material available via the World Wide Web as possible.

We wish to thank the many, many people who have helped us begin the process of making this material available on the World Wide Web.

[home] [research] [getting started] [law] [personal stories] [secrets] [news] [about Trancenet]

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