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TM & the Law

Purusha Strikes Back

For several months, TranceNet has received reports that "Purusha" has harassed former TM teachers, sidhas, and meditators.(Purusha are TM "monks" charged with lobbying governments, media relations, massaging large donors, and other high-level duties.)We have received copies of two letters addressed to "John Doe," a TM teacher. They threaten legal action for failure to maintain "purity of the teaching," including teaching TM outside the official financial guidelines of $1,000 per mantra."Mr. Doe" also alleges he has received phone calls threatening legal action -- and "karmic consequences" -- from Purusha "Doug" beginning in December 1995.Some critics consider these actions legal harassment. The WPEC apparently knows that their claims to intellectual property and contracts are not valid. And despite threats of legal action stretching back at least two years, they appear to have no intention of ever acting on these threats. Just as with a bill collector, WPEC's apparent harassment may be illegal and subject to civil and criminal penalities. (This does not constitute legal advice. TranceNet, its editors, staff, volunteers, and board of directors are forbidden by policy from giving professional advice. Those concerned may want to consult a legal professional.)

In exclusive TranceNet interviews, WPEC president Thomas M. Hedley and attorney Catherine Dziuba discuss this case and the future of WPEC.

Letter 1: November 15, 1994 Catherine Dziuba, Esq., revokes "Mr. Doe's" authorization to teach TM, demands reimbursement of revenues, asserts breaches of trade secrets, and demands return of teaching materials.

Letter 2: February 14, 1995 On Valentine's Day, attorney Dziuba refuses to provide contract copies, but does quote the Oath of Allegiance and a "Course Participant's Agreement" -- similar to one signed by every meditator and teacher who attends a TM course. She warns: "if you wish to avoid legal proceedings, you must respond within ... ten days."

Interview with WPEC President, Thomas M. Hedley, January 30, 1996 Mr. Hedley denies Catherine Dziuba was on staff. He also denies specific knowledge of the legal threats in question and familiarity with the "Oath of Allegiance." In a surprise revelation, Mr. Hedley asserts WPEC is "winding down operations." He declines to continue the interview after being asked whether WPEC has ever pursued any such case in court.

Interview with TM/WPEC Lawyer, Catherine Dziuba Ms. Dziuba denies knowing where the Maharishi Foundation is incorporated, who sits on the board, and other basic information about her client. She hotly defends WPEC's right to enforce their intellectual property rights, despite court rulings to the contrary. She admits she is a TM teacher who signed an "Oath of Allegiance," but was never given copies of this "contract." She disagrees with president Hedley about the future of WPEC. She appears to be surprised that "Purusha" made threatening calls to "Mr. Doe." [top ]

"TM vs. Andrew Skolnick: The SLAPP Suit that Will Not End, Part I"

High Bandwidth GIF ADVISORYStory being overhauled"TM vs. Andrew Skolnick: The SLAPP Suit that Will Not End, Part I"1 [top ]

Jonie Flint vs. Maharishi Ayur-Veda

Is MAV a non-guaranteed form of self-improvement or an alternative medical system masquerading as food supplements? Jonie Flint, an angry California widow, has taken MAV, Deepak Chopra, and others to court to find out. Her suit charges Triguna, Chopra, MAPI, and over 20 others with 12 counts of fraud, battery, in the death of her husband from leukemia. Here is the entire text of her complaint. Update: In later filings, Ms. Flint dropped Dr. Chopra from her complaint. In addition, at this time some of her other complaints and counts have been dismissed without prejuidice. This means that the court did not rule on their merits, and Ms. Flint is free to refile the complaint at a future date. Ms. Flint represented in a phone conversation with TranceNet that the complaints were dismissed for technical reasons -- her inability to retain counsel due to lack of funds. As more information and documents are brought to our attention, naturally we will make them available here. High Bandwidth GIF ADVISORYJonie Flint vs. MAV [top ]

"Federal Courts Rule TM is a Religion"

Malnak vs. Yogi, " The New Jersey Court Case"
Upheld by the Appellate Court
Sets Important Precedent in McLean vs. Arkansas
Federal Courts TM Rule Subject to Protections and Sanctions of Relion, 1/96, Hendel vs. WPEC [top ]
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