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Validation and Verification of Personal Experiences on the Third Day of Starting the Practice.

VISION OF THE GOAL: EVOLUTION, FREEDOM, FULFILLMENT through the development of higher states of consciousness

PURPOSE: To examine in the light of personal experience the value of the outward stroke of consciousness -- meditation and action to reach the goal.

Procedure of the 3rd Day's Meeting:

  1. As meditators arrive experience sheets are given to be filled out and collected.
  2. Discuss questions and recap on 2nd day -- (10-15 minutes).
    • Discuss the questions & recap the previous day.
      As you recall, correctness of meditation was established on the 1st day's meeting. The day before yesterday and yesterday we analyzed in detail the experiences of TM and found that what happened to the mind is experience of finer states of the mantra and experience of thoughts. Simultaneously what happens to the body is breath becomes softer, the system gets deep rest and feels relaxed owing to release of stress, and we understand thoughts as arising from the release of stress. This has given us a clear understanding about what happens during meditation. Today we'll analyze what actually happens when we are coming out of meditation, i.e., the value of thought and action out of meditation.

  3. Group meditation.

  4. Explanation of development of states of higher consciousness through regular practice.

  5. Outline of advanced courses.

  6. Additional activity.

  7. World plan of the movement

  8. Check mantra and personal discussion


Note to initiators: Many people enjoy discussing the good results of other meditators. Often they will realize they have experienced similar results quite innocently. "Oh, now that you mention it..."

Start with new experiences:
You may have noticed that there are 4 new points on the checking sheet. It is a normal thing that in TM one begins to feel these effects from the start. You see how the effects grow so quickly.

This is what we have been emphasizing right from the beginning of the introductory lecture. Even though the practice is mental, its benefits begin to be felt in all fields of life: body, behavior, environment, effectiveness of our activity and appreciation of the world around us. This is what we emphasized during the introductory lectures.

You remember the introductory lecture dealt with 4 areas:

  1. Development of mental potential in which it was said that TM produces clearer thinking and releases mental stress. It expands the awareness and improves the ability of concentration.

  2. Another point was effect of TM on health. Now within two days we have experienced the deep relaxation that it brings to the body. The increase in physical energy that we feel is due to this effect. The general experience is that the meditators do not feel towards the end of the day as tired as they did before.

  3. And it is this lively state of body and mind that makes one capable of spontaneous good behavior. Almost everyone has felt this calmness of mind along with more liveliness and this develops the ability of wider comprehension. One naturally sees the situation in a broader perspective and is therefore able to comprehend greater truth about it. With this, one is spontaneously more tolerant and appreciative of situations that arise and grow in one's surroundings. More loving behavior becomes normal with meditators. Maharishi says, "Meditators produce a warmer air about them." And it is this quality of meditators that will establish a natural situation of harmony everywhere.

  4. It was this that we emphasized in the introductory lectures when we established the principle of world peace through TM. You see, as meditators begin to meditate and grow in peace in their lives, this shows that world peace is a possibility if individuals begin to meditate. It's such a joy to us -- teachers of TM in all parts of the world -- to see that what we say in our introductory message is verified by direct experience in 2-3 days.

    However, it is evident to some that these experiences are more striking and to others they are more modest. Experiences vary in intensity. This is because of different conditions of the nervous system. The reason is that those who by nature are calm and quiet don't experience contrast in this relaxation -- their life is naturally relaxed. When they feel more relaxed with meditation the contrast is not so very much, but even in such cases the benefits are positive and cumulative with regular meditation. The benefits of TM are real because they are on the level of body and mind both. We don't think of them, we live them; they become a part of our nature. TM produces a simultaneous development of all aspects of the personality: body, mind, behavior and also environment. It will be interesting to read at this stage the stated objective of TM, as Maharishi has recently framed in the context of SCI (read objectives from brochure). It is better at this stage to introduce the literature that is available.

Review of normalizing (2nd night)

  1. Briefly discuss nature of mind and body; mechanics of TM (bubble diagram): normalization, purification of the nervous system, inward/outward stroke.

  2. Go over possible experiences and how to deal with them: thoughts, dominating thoughts, sensations, etc., as necessary. Bring out the knowledge to be given during this meeting on the basis of experiences mentioned by meditators. Make sure the significance of thoughts is understood intellectually.

    Thoughts outside Meditation
    Thought is the expression of life. Life finds expression and expansion in the impulse of a thought. This evolutionary impulse of life seems to express itself in two distinct modes of activity: one that creates the steps of progression and the other that neutralizes any resistance or obstruction to progress. This we know from our experience in meditation. The same evolutionary impulse causes expansion of the mind by providing it with the experience of finer states of thought and, in the same process, providing deep rest to the body removes stresses which have been the obstacles to the expansion of mind and use of its full potential.

    When thoughts appear to be negative they denote clearance of stresses and strains in the system. Any negativity means the system is being cleared. A thought is said to be negative because in the context of the environment it is unsuitable. But even the so-called negative thought is all positive with reference to its own source -- which is the process of release of stress. (If the initiator wishes to make a reference to the teaching of the Bhagavad-Gita on how the wise maintain equanimity, here is a chance to do so... The wise recognize negativity as the inevitable clearing process for the steps of progress and are not startled by it and naturally maintain equanimity.)

    Normal functioning of the nervous system spontaneously maintains pure awareness. And what normalizes the nervous system is release of stress. This release of stress, we have seen, is spontaneously brought about by the deep rest of the system gained during meditation. The deep rest the system gets is due to refining mental activity. When the mind thinks on the finer level of thought then mental activity is refined. We have seen that with the use of the mantra the thought becomes refined.

    When the thought comes there is an increase in activity but with the clearance of stress indicated by the thought or indicated by the increased activity, the situation has been made more favorable for much finer mental activity. This is the reason why once we have started the practice no matter what happens, whether the mind in on mantra or on thoughts, the benefit is inevitable. This is the reason why we say, "Take it easy." Even if a thought comes, we don't try to dismiss the thought. Very easily come back to the mantra. Because from the mantra there is a chance to go to still finer states.

  3. Release of stress automatically results in a favorable situation for the maintenance of the full potential of the mind which ranges from the depth of silence to the surface of activity, covering the whole range of life from the unmanifest through all of the ranges of the manifest.

    When we are talking of this restful state of the nervous system, we may recall what we said yesterday, that to avoid contrast we never come out of meditation suddenly. When we want to stop meditation we stop the mantra inside but still keep the eyes closed for about 2 minutes. Here we should review the importance of the half-a-minute before and the two minutes of silence after meditation.

Outline: Vision of the Goal

  1. Each of the states of waking, sleeping and dreaming has its own physiology.

    Say: Each state of consciousness has its corresponding state of physiology -- that means, the activity of the mind corresponds with the activity of the nervous system.

    The pure nature of Creative Intelligence, Transcendental Consciousness, likewise has its corresponding state of physiology, (it is a fourth state of consciousness). We have experienced how the breath becomes slower and slower as the mantra becomes finer and finer. Restfulness of the body corresponds with the restful state of the mind in Transcendental Consciousness. Every sitting in meditation creates this restful state for both body and mind. Daily practice stabilizes this restful condition of body and mind even during dynamic activity. The first 2 days we have been examining the inward stroke of meditation and now this evening we want to understand the outward stroke and the value of our daily activity. The inward stroke of meditation, in its increasing quietness, located the Infinite and the outward stroke of meditation draws that transcendental infinite out into the field of activity. As pure consciousness or pure intelligence grows in life one spontaneously, out of one's own nature, starts to be more effective. So, if we want to locate the infinite, meditate. If we want to substantiate the infinite, act. Mediate and act. Stability through activity, location (of the pure nature of Creative Intelligence) through meditation.

    Through the regular alternation of TM and activity, a state is gained where the nervous system does not lose the influence of restfulness even when it is in dynamic activity. In this state -- whatever stresses and strains result from activity are, so to say, simultaneously eliminated, because it is the rest which neutralizes stress. Now this state in which Transcendental Consciousness is permanently established is then a fifth state of consciousness. We call it Cosmic Consciousness because it is all-inclusive, that is, where Transcendental Consciousness, the fourth state of consciousness, is maintained along with waking, dreaming, and sleeping.

    This development of Cosmic Consciousness only requires regular meditation morning and evening and regular activity during the day. Maintain the day in activity, maintain the night in rest, and regular mediation morning and evening will result in higher states of consciousness.

    The important point to note here is that activity and meditation are both important to rise to higher states of consciousness and to accomplish the goal of life. This is how in a very natural way one accomplishes the goal of life. We meditate morning and evening quietly and evaluation will take care of itself.

    The sun shines everywhere the same but its reflection is found everywhere different. The pure field of Creative Intelligence is everywhere the same but the reflection of the pure field of Creative Intelligence is different because of different nervous systems. The nervous system may be considered to be the reflector of the pure field of Creative Intelligence. The reflection is the individuality of the Self. We are aware that there are two ways of writing, "the Self" -- one with small "s," one with big "S." When the nervous system, the reflector, is full of stress and strain it is incapable of producing a clear reflection. Like green water in a glass. As the water is purified, the reflection becomes less green. The purification of water could continue and the reflection would continue to be clearer. It may be possible to purify the water to such an extent that the reflection could say, "I am the Sun." The self which has realized the quality of the Sun is valued and honored. It's written with big "S." The small "s" has become a big "S." The deep green, shadowy reflection has become sunny and clear. The individuality of the reflector has risen to the universality of the Sun. This example is to clarify that our nervous system is a reflector of the pure field of Creative Intelligence. When due to stress, etc., it does not function normally, then the reflection of the pure field of Creative Intelligence is called "small self." And when the reflector, the nervous system, has been purified and is free from all stresses and strains, the reflector shines in the value of "Big Self" or in the light of the pure nature of Creative Intelligence. And then the Self knows, "I am That." This is self-realization. Realization of one's unbounded potential. TM accomplishes this very quietly and smoothly, gracefully and profoundly.

  2. Attributes and Value of the Fifth State

      Pure consciousness with waking, sleeping, dreaming -- all-inclusive state of consciousness (Cosmic).

    1. The state of pure awareness or self awareness is spontaneously and permanently maintained. Development of this all-inclusive state of Cosmic Consciousness only requires regular meditation morning and evening and regular activity during the day. In this state the mind has transcended boundaries of thought and has gained boundless awareness. This is real freedom of life. Now, from our own experience we know how fulfilling it is. Freedom is fulfilling -- that is why everyone wants freedom. Boundaries are a pinch to everyone. It is good that in the transcendental state we experience this freedom. Having experienced this, it is our legitimate desire that this state of freedom should continue with us at all times. This desire is fulfilled through the regular practice of TM.

    2. Integration of 200% of life (no withdrawal from life). 100% absolute, 100% relative.

      Here is the philosophy of action. The first purpose of action is growth of absolute in the relative. The second purpose is achievements on the material level.

      Therefore any action always has two effects: Development of Creative Intelligence and achievement of material goals.

    3. Skill in action -- maximum effects from minimum effort.

    4. Spontaneous right action which is evolutionary and progressive (relate to their experiences, develop these points with reference to The Science of Being and Art of Living.) When activity is harmonious the resistences to achievements are less.

    5. Our theme of gaining fulfillment in all fields of life is to achieve the highest first and then the subsidiaries. Highest is Infinity, Unboundedness, Absolute. This value of life we aim at bringing to our awareness first and the all other values of relative life will be accomplished with least effort. We aim at capturing the fort and all the gold mines and silver mines and diamond mines belonging to the territory naturally belong to the Master of the fort. He who captures the fort automatically enjoys all that lies within the territory. In order to clarify this point one thing can be added: the nature of Pure Intelligence is fulfilling and being so, it attracts the mind in a natural way, more than anything else can attract it. That is why is easier to capture the pure field of Creative Intelligence than it is to capture anything that is less than it, namely, any material physical value of the relative field. Having captured the pure field of Creative Intelligence, the entire territory of relative values comes within our possession. Without capturing the fort, if one tries to move toward the gold mind, this movement may become a difficult task. This is what makes Maharishi say, "Capture the fort and enjoy the whole territory." He enjoys saying, "Water the root and enjoy the fruit." Develop full value of Creative Intelligence and enjoy all aspirations of life.

    Vision of Future Activities

    "All that we had said in the introductory lectures we have begun to experience in these three days. We have connected the first step and the seventh step to fulfillment -- this is the basis of integrated life." (Review 7 Steps and go into future programs.)

    1. Emphasize regular meditation with regular activity (cloth analogy); regular checking and verification of experience.

    2. "TM and drugs are highly contrasting. If we refine our thinking and raise our consciousness we should be very careful of outside influences on the nervous system."

    3. We should not over extend activity to the point of missing meditation (the business man in doing so loses the very basis of success).

    4. Group meditations and advanced lectures.

    5. Residence courses and teacher training program.

    6. Center functions, helping as coordinators, at seminars.

    7. To our friends we don't mention mantra or other aspects of personal instruction. Otherwise confusion can bring poor results. We want them to have the same innocent start as we did. Best advice is to bring friends to a lecture. Tell your friends about the results and not about details of practice.

    8. Verification of the mantra. "We would like to meet each meditator individually for a few minutes." Have his form. "Is there any point we haven't covered?" Give any needed special instructions. "And you remember your mantra?" "Let's check it.Close the eyes." (5 seconds) "Whisper softly what you feel it is." (let him say it three times) "Fine." If wrong, whisper it to him, then have him say it back to you.

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