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The primary purpose of the group aside from diligent study of the scriptures, is to recruit new members .  The basic pattern for recruitment is usually the same.  As you've read in the section, profiles of our children, the prospective members fit a general profile.  It's not difficult for members of the Roberts group to recognize this profile, because it is a profile of themselves.

College campuses tend to be the main area of recruitment.  The Roberts group also recruit at concerts, libraries, and public gatherings such as "the Rainbow gatherings".  They recruit anywhere young, intelligent, people gather.  Because "the Rainbow gatherings" tend to draw a counter culture crowd, these are a favorite location.

Once a member has met a potential recruit, the conversation turns to the scriptures.  The member "witnesses" to the recruit, and uses scripture to make that recruit feel guilty and inadequate.  The member tells of his glorious nomadic lifestyle, and his total allegiance to the lord.  He paints an idealistic picture of his life.  He doesn't tell the potential recruit about the stringent rules pertaining to family, marriage, and freedoms.  He convinces the recruit that people in the world lack the discipline to lead spiritual lives, and makes a good argument with his superior knowledge of the scriptures.  The recruit becomes overcome by idealism and his own sense of altruism, and commits to the group.

Once a recruit has committed, he's told to get rid of all his worldly possessions.  If he sells them, he gives the money to the elder of the cell he first encounters, and the money is used to pay his debts, or to buy food and necessities for the group.  If the recruit has a car, it's usually used during the next move to a new city by the group.  When they arrive at their destination, the recruit is told to sell the car, (if he owns it).  The money is again used to pay debts and buy  necessities.

The new recruit is sometimes allowed to write home to his family.  This usually happens in the first week.  The letter is general, just telling the family everything is alright.  Another letter might follow a few weeks later.  This letter can contain scripture.  Many parents have reported letters quoting scripture, and criticizing their parenting. These early letters were intentional.  Their intention was to throw the family off the trail while it was still warm.  Some recruits never write home. Many families received letters declaring, "this is the last letter you will ever get from me."  This usually marked a complete detachment, with no more communication.

The recruit becomes indoctrinated into the group, with "the elders" as his teachers.  Elders are brothers who have been around the longest.  Each cell is led by an elder.  The recruit can make friends with other members.  The recruit is responsible to any member with seniority, which, in the case of a new recruit, is everyone in the group.  Men are not subordinate to women, no matter how "senior" the sister is.  Women are subordinate to all men, regardless of seniority.  New women are subordinate to everyone.

And thus a young person becomes a member.

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