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E-mail dialogues with present members (FAQs etc.)

Since I quite frequently receive very similar comments to my web page from present church members I figured I'd share them along with some of my responses. Where I found appropriate I changed or omitted the names in order to protect the individual's identity. I know their leader probably wouldn't be too happy about them communicating with me, one of those "satanic" former members.
If you are a present member, you may find some interesting and unexpected responses. I hope the dialogues will allow you to step back and evaluate from an objective observer's position. Just imagine ...how would you think about the dialogues if you had never met the church, or if you were in the position of your parents or best friends before the church?

All I write is with sincerity and passion from the bottom of my heart. I joined the church because of the truth ...and I left it because of the truth!

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