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The following is a typical e-mail exchange with a present member of the Unification Church, containing most of the accusations I usually get. As you can tell, I also got upset at some points... (sorry if I got cynnical, but you'd understand had you had the experiences I had...!)

From: Ingo Michehl
To: Weress
Subject: Re: UM list
Date: Friday, July 18, 1997 6:21 PM

At 03:51 PM 7/12/97 -0400, you wrote:


I hope you did not pay real money for this grossly outdated list: http://trancenet.net/moonism/uclist.shtml to our friend Dennis? Would be a waste of money. He should have thrown it in as pro-bono.

> No, I actually got it for free. And not from Dennis - whoever that may be, either. Sounds like your upset, though?

That's only slightly presumptuous of you. Do you have a problem with English comprehension? >No, not really. Don't think so.

>Your tone gives away your cult membership. Let me guess - a long time Moonie?

Actually no. Again if you would do your homework, you should know that.

... >You're probably right - there are now much more front groups than those listed on my site. Would you like to add some so I can update my list?

No but if you search the net and do your homework you can easily do so. You see the sloppiness coupled with cocksuredness really spoils your show. It looses a lot of credibility. That is one of the reasons why I am not even trying to engage you in a dialogue. It is difficult to expect honesty from someone who even deceives himself. Not knowingly or intentionally though. What puzzles me as why are you trying to find a scapegoat? Or is that a German thing?

Then again Germans do like to make lists, like the lists they had for Kristallnacht.....

>Aha. Thought so. Now you're trying the Nazi guilt trip again. Gosh, how old and pitiful. Oh, you poor, persecuted Moonie. The whole world is against you - and especially us former members who dare to speak out and expose the things the church would rather NOT have people know about.

Oh, of course, it would be so much more democratic for me just to shut up and let the church continue lying to the public and messing with people's minds as they did with mine for over 6 years ...and as they are still doing with yours. So why not try a little guilt trip or reverse psychology to shut me up? Sure. How easy and convenient it is to neglect the fact that Mr. Moon is trying to build a world empire with himself as the absolute, totalitarian leader, his words counting as law ...when you're trying to justify your position and slam your critics. And how heavenly indeed! Oh yes, and how totally unjustified the reversal of the accusation would be - after all, Mr. Moon gives equal value to black people, Jews, Japanese and Korean. That's why you see so many black people and Jews in top leadership positions. And that's why you see so few Japanese running around with a guilt complex about what their horrible ancestors did to the Koreans, and so few Germans being told that they are responsible for the atrocities ofNazi Germany, right?

>What a genius way to control people! Guilt is still one of the most powerful motivations. Next to fear - which also of course never used in the UC. Like, no one is running around being afraid of being invaded by satan, right? ...especially if they should ever dare to leave the church or turn against Mr. Moon! And tell me - what's the big difference between the "chosen race" and the "master race"? Am I following someone who is promoting such a master race or are you? So stop twisting the facts, ok!

Boy that triggered a lot! Actually I was only pointing out that it may be a sign of German punctuality, orderliness. >Oh really. So that's why you referred to the German listmaking for Kristallnacht...? Nice try to wiggle your way out. Lame excuse.

It is guilt only if there is a foundation. If the hat don't fit, don't wear it. >I'm not wearing it, and that's why I tell you. But I get damn mad if someone tries to still jam it on my head as if I were still in the church. So you really ought to think about pulling the historical guilt trip on a German who wasn't even born at the time but who has been getting this sort of shit for all his life - while you Americans who did just as horrible things with the blacks, or the Russians under Stalin who killed 10 times as many of their own people, etc pp. never even get mentioned leave alone blamed. If there is a scapegoat thing going on, historically, it's the GERMAN thing! And I really am damn tired of it - especially when it comes from a Moonie who is following a man who wants to take over the world and who claims that Jews and blacks and women have had (and still have) to pay for their caintype ancestor's sins!

I don't do psych. It's just another religion and I have enough of that, thank you. Rev. Moon does not assign value to people. >Really. If you were able to think about that critically and reflect on your experiences in the church you probably realize that is not true. (See my previous examples)

Neither does God. So he ain't about to override the Boss. >God doesn't. Mr. Moon does. What does that tell you? People establish their own value. I can understand your personal confusion about that. NO confusion. Perfectly clear ...that UC members have their values made up for them ..by Mr. Moon! Or did you come up with the value that Korea is to be honored as the Fatherland and that Koreans are special people because they are the chosen race??????

It fits perfectly where you are know. I mean in your life, in your journey in life. You see I can picture you, years from know, when you will look back on these exchanges with incredulity. I am not saying that you will reverse and "return" to the Church. That is really unimportant if you don't desire so. If things are the way I believe they are, you and I WILL know the truth in Spirit world.

>As you said IF! What if not? With Mr. Moon's own "sinless" children denouncing him, with all the contradictions between the DP and the Bible, and even within the DP, etc. ...chances are that if anything you may regret having waisted your life for a powerhungry, mad con artist, a false Messiah.

But I think you will realize, down on the line, that your life is like the pendulum. Now you have swung to the other side. As far as I am concerned it really IS immaterial if you believe the DP or not, that Father is your Messiah or not. However it greatly matters to you and your life. If you can't live with that truth, then you must leave it, as you did. >Another logical mistake. I left only because I realized that it is NOT the truth! That was my commitment to myself - that I would never leave unless I was absolutely convinced that DP was not true and that Mr. Moon was not the Messiah. It took 6 1/2 years to figure that out, as well as a lot of prayer and bible study! It's easy and ok to be deceived - but it's important to have the courage to face up to it and then act on the realization, regardless of how painful or scary it is!

Taking responsibility for your life, as you well should. But don't try to scapegoat. >Give me a specific example of where I scapegoat, not just some general, meaningless accusation. I simply share my experience and conclusions about the UC (as said about 10 times now)!

If people deceived you, they WILL reap their "reward". If you don't believe in that Universal truth, then you WILL seek revenge and go around feeling the need to badmouth others. However that DISABLES you to take full responsibility for your own self.

>You know, listening to you is really tiring! You keep sputting out these rote, narrow-minded, abusive, hypocritical allegations, without ever even checking yourself, it seems. And you simply don't want to listen or understand what I am saying. As I already told you at least 2 or 3 times, I am not "badmouthing" or "seeking revenge" - I am simply exposing what I have experienced as the true nature of a corrupt and false organization, which I perceive as my social responsibility and as a way to process the trauma I and many others received!

This is not criticism, it is an observation from my own personal life. >Yeah, right, first you say I don't seek universal truth but revenge, and then you say it's not criticism. Ridiculous!

You see I am old enough to be your father. I have a 29 year old son and 3 year old grandson. >Is your age the reason why you are not able to open your mind and consider the possibility that you might have been deceived? It's never too late, you know... although I can imagine how frightning such perspectives must be, especially if you invested a large part of your life in such an organization. We tend to justify that which we have invested in. The more we invested, the more we justify.

I have been through hell and back, and believe you me I know a scam if I see one. The UC isn't one. This is my honest opinion, shared with you, as one human being to another.

>Not as a "Church"-member. But are you NOT a church member? Is then not your opinion determined by the church and your experience in it?? We don't have the objective distance to critically evaluate a pardigm while we are in it. That's the trick with which they got us: Learn it first, own it - THEN you can judge it. What they didn't tell us is that once you're IN it, i.e. once you have learned the teaching, you don't have the critical distance to evaluate it any more. You teach it, you own it, you justify it.

>See, the thing is, while you're in a scam you never realize it. You wouldn't be in it otherwise, would you? Who knowingly and willingly joins a scam ....or a cult? Would you have joined if you had known that you would be selling flowers and pictures on the street 20 hours a day, that you would be bowing to the picture of a Korean, pledging your life to him every Sunday, and that you would have to do 7 perhaps even 21 or 40 day fasts (I know church members who have done it!), without pay or social security? And that this Korean man claims he is the perfect son of God, the Messiah, and that he would chose your spouse? WOULD YOU HAVE JOINED? IF NOT, isn't it a sign that you were influenced (manipulated) to do something you would never have done otherwise? >Imagine you woke up one morning after the doctor had told you to close your eyes for an injection and found out the doctor removed your tonsils, your appendix and your prostata as a preventative measure, cause there is a chance you might develop cancer there? How would you feel? Kind of upset? Why? ...because you weren't able to give your INFORMED CONSENT!
That by the way would be a criminal act. In my opinion what the UC does is not only unethical but criminal: taking away people's personal freedoms and turning them into dedicated, obedient, nonquestioning members who perform slavetype labor, who have a totally altered personality (ask the people that knew you before the church) - without even initially telling the person who they really are or what they are trying to do (i.e. recruit and change him/her)!!!!!

>It's only after you've been brainwashed that you justify this deception and manipulation as ok because "otherwise I wouldn't have joined (the Messiah)"... which is circular reasoning from within the church paradigm. The end justifies the means. Is that what you believed before joining the church? If Scientology did that to one of your kids or grandkids cause they also believe they have the truth - would that be ok with you?

All the best to you: > Is that really what you meant? I don't think so! That's another thing I don't like: Hypocrisy! If you wish me to hell then say it!

No I don't wish you hell. We all create our own hell.

>I am fortunately no longer living in hell. I left it 4 years ago... How about you?

Laszlo Z. Weress
> I believe you wrote to me before. So we're back to the abusive style now, eh? Well, now, don't we have a bad temper. Is that the heavenly style - the result of being a true UC member for many years? The true, unconditional love and respect one learns as a follower of Rev. Moon?

Just because one "learns" something that does not mean that the lesson becomes the person. I think your attitude exhibits that splendidly. Chill, will ya?
>Haha. Don't like it when I shoot back with the guns you use?
GOSH - am I glad I'm not a member any more!!! You can pull that shit on other members perhaps (maybe your center members?) - but not with me. All I can say is GO FLY A KITE ...and keep burrying your head in the sand so you won't see what is really going on in the UC! As far as I am concerned you are punished enough already. Such bitterness and hatred that you project onto me is a sign of a truly miserable life which needs MUCH justification cause you can't face the reality of the UC and its implications. My web page was written about three years ago as a way to process my experience. I simply shared my thoughts and experiences. Nowadays I just get ticked off when brainwashed idiots like you accuse me of the very thing they are doing!

> Why don't you let your German wife read this e-mail and give you and me some feedback? I'd be curious to hear her position. I wonder how she would feel about your attack against Germans, using the historical guilt trip. Does she still have to "pay indemnity" for Germany?

My wife is NOT German. Actually she might be Jewish. You keep wanting to talk with my wife? What's your alterior motive? Division of a Blessed family? How noble!

>Nope. Didn't even think of that. No, the reason is that I thought I had read on your web page that your wife was from Germany. Maybe I got that confused. But it would have really interested me hearing her opinion if she were German because I don't think she would have liked your nazi implications very much. But if she were Jewish, I could understand your position much better.

My aunt married a German and I have a German cousin. Lives in Munchen;-). I am about 1/16th German, the rest of it Hungarian.

How about you? How did your parents fared in '42? Bet, don't have a drop Jewish blood in you! Not that you would admit to anyway......
>No, as far as I know, we don't, which really wouldn't matter to me at all if we did. But for your information, my grandfather was one of the first Nazis - until he realized what was going on and began opposing them. He was sent to a sort of gulag, a death camp in northern Scandinavia where they had to build a road in the ice while the guards were withholding the food they received etc.
He barely survived, weighing about 90 pounds. He then was courtmartialed because in letters to his family he had exposed what was going on there. But somehow the head of the German Navy stood up for him and vindicated him, and the guards up there were punished for the inhumanity towards their prisoners. My grandfather was one of the few Germans who actually stood up to the atrocities of the Nazi regime.
He was not afraid to expose them, to speak out what he felt was true. And neither am I afraid to speak out and expose the injustice and manipulation commited by a destructive cult.

Hey, what if my grandfather had had a vision telling him he's the Messiah and he had "received" (developed) a teaching showing from the Bible and historical sources why he was the Christ, that even his birth year was during the expected time period for the return of the Lord? Would you have believed him?


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