This was a response to an e-mail I got in which the sender - as often before - did not identify himself until I asked his affiliation. (Starting with a > are his comments.)

At 08:23 PM 4/30/96 -0600, you wrote:

>Yes, I am Unificationist, btw. I am saddened that you had such an

>experience, but would only tell you also that it is much more than what you


It's funny. That sounds almost like a rehearsed response. I've heard it so many times from present members. ...but I guess I would have said the same thing to former members - cause I just couldn't accept that they had legitimate reasons for leaving and that perhaps there might indeed something wrong with the movement ...and ultimately even the leader..! (After all, we have been trained NOT to question and doubt leadership - especially the perfect "Messiah" Moon, right? Where do doubts come from? [I know what you're answering in your mind...!])

>I have had my share of abusive/manipulative leadership, in the Christian church as well as the UC

...but the BIG difference is that in a Christian church you can confront the leadership without being told that you're being "cained-out", "rebellious" or "satanic" ...unless you're in a bible-based cult (like the Boston Church of Christ, Jehovah's Witnesses, Crossroads Ministries etc.) ...which means you SHOULD quickly get out. The bible does not support accepting leadership when it's going beyond its authority. Even the apostle Paul was accountable to the church, NOT the other way around!!!

So let me ask you: In what ways is Rev. Moon accountable to you or anyone else (the members)? How about your leaders?

>, and in the secular world as well. I am

>just too damned bull headed to allow them to manipulate me. It pisses me

>off, and I have come close too fisticuffs with a couple. C'est le vie.


From my old CARP indoctrination I would say you're a "Cain-type member"! Sounds familiar? See, that's the kind of label they slap on you for not being obedient. Sorry, but you'll never be in a top leadership position, my friend. They (esp. Moon) only want obedient "yes"sayers like BoHi Pak, Dr. Seuk, Dr. Kim, Yoshizumi etc. Hasn't it struck you that most of them are trained military men ...who have been trained to absolute obedience to authority? If you think about it - that's the only way to effectively run an organization the way Moon does. (Getting people to work for free and do EXACTLY what you tell them to and act in your every interest whenever you're not around to give them direct orders.)

>yours, itl

Have you ever thought about that "In True Love"???

True - "unconditional" according to the UC definition: How unconditional is the love you're receiving from the group, esp. your leaders? Don't you only receive love and affirmation when you do well and accomplish the goals you're given? What is the response you get when you're your rebellious self? Do they love you unconditionally or tell you to repent, or they just ignore you (withholding love - often a very effective form of punishment) and tell other members to do the same?

You see, the problem is with the very structure of the UC. And who put it together and maintains it that way? That's right, Moon himself. It's the way HE wants it!

Here a couple new you may not have heard:

Did you know that Hyo Jin was in a drug rehab in Florida recently and that he and Nan Sook Nim have been separated? I heard this a few months ago from somebody who had just left the movement (an Australian brother by the name of Mitch Lawrie who had left CARP after 10 years of dedicated service). It was confirmed by present members within the Manhatten Center I have contact with. You can check it out for yourself.

So what do you think about that? According to DP sinless, perfect man - like Hyo Jin - who has attained the perfection stage (according to Moon Hyo Jin has!) is one with God's love and does not need "love substitutes" like drugs.

According to British paper "The Sunday Telegraph", Nov. 5, Moon's daughter Ye Jin has denounced her father because he does not take care of his followers. Another daughter, 19-year-old Sun Jin, left her new husband and changed her name shortly after the marriage was "blessed" by Moon.

Perfect harmony in the "true family"? Is "true Abel" getting "cained out"? How can that be?

And on Nov. 12, "The Sunday Telegraph" reported on the activities of Rev. Moon's son Justin (originally Kook Jin Moon): he is president of Saeilo, Inc. which manufactures the Kahr K9 handgun at a factory in Worcester, MA.

Check it out! What if that's not just "another lie from the press to discredit father"? What if Moon is really producing guns? Would Jesus have produced guns? Would a true Messiah of love and peace produce guns and thus support violence? Think about it!

One more thing about a previous comment of mine:

you wrote: ...

>>While I admit that I find it [your survey] biased, ...

I answered:

>>Let me guess. You're a member of a controversial group yourself? (By the

>>way, your finding it biased shows your bias. None of us are unbiased.)

>>But do tell me what you think is biased about it.

You never told me specifically what you thought was biased!

You see, I realize we're biased and I try to step out of my own paradigm to look at what I really believe and what the implications of it are. I also step into another person's shoes and try to look at myself from their viewpoint. I try to look at myself and my beliefs from an outside observer's position, stepping back from the picture. I even question whether my belief is true or not - which is a scary thing to do! I'm a Christian ...but I even ask myself the scary question "what if it's not true? what if Jesus wasn't who he claimed to be?"

How about you?

It's scary and tough - but I do research, and I try not to make my belief system my identity. It's part of it, but I can be me regardless of what I believe. And I know that to believe something does not make it true! There is a lot of historical evidence supporting the claims of Christianity ...but from my studies of the bible as well as history there is even more evidence indicating that Moon is a FALSE Messiah. Have you EVER checked he time line? It is completely inaccurate! Have you ever critically compared the Bible to the DP? Download and check my home page section "Is Moon the Messiah." Let me ask YOU: What if he's not? Wouldn't you be waisting your life? Wouldn't you actually be going against God's will? Wouldn't you want to be sure NOT to follow him? The Bible says that 'MANY will come "saying I am he" and deceive many ...even the elect if that were possible'. [Mat 24:24] Do you want to be deceived?

Isn't it time to take off your "Unification" glasses and take a second look, to reconsider your commitment to the group? I wish you the freedom I am experiencing now. It's great to be free again! You can be, too! Pray about it!