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This was a response of mine to what I found an outrageous posting of Andy Baccus (apparently a leader and media rep of the UC) in the alt.religion.unification newsgroup. As you can tell, his distortions made me rather upset at the time.

Hey Andy ...

do you honestly believe all that crap you're writing? As a former member of CARP/UC (I left 92) I can testify that the UC hasn't changed a bit in terms of controlling and manipulating its members. You don't need a prison once you have managed to make someone believe that in case he ever dared LEAVING the group he'd be invaded and destroyed by satan, and not only him but also his family. That's exactly what I was taught for 6 1/2 years. NOT 20 years ago but until 2 YEARS AGO! So don't hide behind your accusations of Steve, Tilman and others to shift blame (and focus) from the "poor, persecuted group." Frankly speaking, it makes me SICK! If you're honest with yourself you know that the leadership of the church is corrupt and deceptive and that it uses every opportunity to control its memberes. As a lecturer and recruiter I was taught how to strategically intervene when parents were trying to contact their son or daughter he had maneuvered into a workshop situation, such as the one in Little Neck, Queens, NY. And that wasn't only in NY but in Chicago as well, where I was stationed! Our mission was to "cut" the new member "off from satan" - who was in this case represented by his family. "Satan works through the ones you love most!" It apparently was taught in the 70s - and it has been taught to me in the 80s and 90s as well! But it's so much easier to point the finger at someone else, isn't it. And then the lie that the UC has NEVER held people against their will!

I know many "brothers and sisters" (UC members) who heroically prevented their "spiritual children" (new recruits) from leaving by physicallly holding onto them, by throwing themselves in front of the leaving van. And then there are those situations where "no van is available to take you back until ...2 days from now! So why don't you take some time to think about it (leaving) until then? " I even witnessed this when I joined in camp K - although at the time I thought it was o.k.

I don't know how you joined, but can you HONESTLY say that the group doesn't try everything possible to prevent new recruits from leaving? (apart from iron bars and chains) If you really claim that - it's a blunt and upfront L I E !!! As a 7 day lecturer I was taught that my absolute mission is to "subjugate" the new guest and "MAKE HIM/HER JOIN!" In Chicago a former member was pressured for 10 hours straight at a workshop I taught - until 4 am - to move back into the center. He was tired and finally gave in. And this was under the direct training and supervision of Dr. Seuk, national director of CARP (student branch of the UC) at the time! (Who gets his directions directly from Mr. Moon.)
So your self-righteous indignation about the persecution of the poor church and poor Rev. Moon is out of place, to put it mildly! Moon was and still is a master manipulator - and it looks like you completely sold out to him ...just like I did until 2 years ago. If anyone needs to do some honest self-evalution it's you and the other leaders of the UC I think ...instead of digging up dirt from 20 years ago!

My final question to you is: Does a God of true love really need manipulation and deception to get people to believe in him? Jesus didn't have to do that! His gift of salvation is FREE, Andy! And, "he is able to save COMPLETELY all those who come to God through him, because he always lives to interced for them." (Heb 7:25) With all the contradictions between the DP and the Bible - to which authority do YOU hold?

I praise God for giving me my free and critical mind back - and my LIFE!

After all, although I worked for 20 yours a day and raised in excess of $600.000 over the 6 years of my involvement (yes, I was a top fundraiser, not some "weak, struggling member!), I was not paid a DIME. Neither did I receiver health insurance, workers comp, or anyting of the like. Convenient system ...to exploit people. To me that's worse than holding people - it's MODERN DAY SLAVERY!

How about you? Is it different for the leaders? Is THAT why you're fighting with all you got to defend the church? And don't give me that crap about me being some "negative, cained-out, weak-minded former member" who couldn't take the pressure or the hard life style ...because that would be ANOTHER atrocious LIE! I probably worked more and harder than you, brother, ...without complaining! And I left NOT because of resentment but because I simply realized DP is not the truth since it drastically contradicts God's Word, the Bible. The resentment came later - when I realized what evil, unrighteous deception and exploitation the church has commited not only against me but against ALL its hardworking members! As a member I used to think, "it's either the truth (and thus justifiable) ...or the greatest, most incredible manipulation ever heard of!" Well, I simply finally came to my senses after careful reflection and investigation that the latter is true!

Ingo Michehl