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Since 1910 the Supreme Council of the House of Jacob has been hiding in the closets of society, slowly gaining members, spreading throughout the country, and somehow managing to become a rather large unknown cult. They might have a "church" in your home town and you don't even know it, or worse, you do know, and you just think they're a "nice little group of black people who are bettering society with their well-mannered children who've never been on welfare."

The scary truth is that they are a black supremacist cult, with very deep roots. Most of the members are born into it and are 5 and 6 generations deep. They use a lot of guilt, threat tactics, control over many aspects of your life, and they do it all in the name of the Lord.

If you know a member or are a member, please take a few minutes to browse this site. You'll never look at the House of Jacob the same.

*Revelations: -- A letter to Jake Daniel Collins (Father #4) from the author of the previously published "Communal Living on the Farm." The personal statement of Anonymous 1 will no longer be listed, but the author is now revealing her true identity in a letter of explanation for all to see.

*Personal Statement of Robert Arthur: -- A great nephew of House of Jacob's second Father alleges physical abuse, as well as financial and emotional destructiveness, were commonplace for members of the House of Jacob.

*The Collins Family Murders: The Mysterious Death of the Family of Father's Brother: -- An investigation into mysterious deaths of the Collins family, brother of the Father of the House of Jacob.

*" Is the "House of Jacob" a Cult?:" -- We compare the structure and teachings of the "House of Jacob" to well-known definitions of a cult.

*Personal Statement of Anonymous 2 -- Anonymous 2 alleges physical and emotional abuse were commonplace in her HOJ upbringing. Includes definitions of common church shaming practices.

*Personal Statement of Anonymous 3 -- Anonymous 3 reports alleged physical and emotional abuse of herself and others, as well as witnessing a child kicked to death on the church's schoolyard.

*Personal Statement of Anonymous 4 -- Anonymous 4 testifies to the truth in statements made by others; witnessing some events first hand, and shares one experience that will never be forgotten.

*Twisted Sisters -- An in-depth look at legalized, consenting adultery committed not only by the members, but by Father himself.

*Recent Watchman Fellowship Profile Article on the "House of Jacob"

*The REAL "House of Jacob" -- a Jewish synagogue operating since the late 1880's and finally establishing themselves only one year before the Supreme Council of the House of Jacob was formed.

*Photo Archives -- Coming Soon!

*Letters to the Editor -- Coming Soon! Let us know whatever you think of this resource: good, bad, or ugly! Write us!

Where You Can Read More about the HOJ:

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