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Personal Statement of Robert Arthur, Member of Second Father's Family

I have been traumatized by this group and the teachings. As a young man growing up I had no social life outside the group and never got to do normal child things like play ball with the other kids on our street. We were never aloud [sic: allowed] to tell anyone, (friends & neighbors) about the church. When I used to attend, I was always frightened of people who claim[ed] to "get the holy ghost" and flop around on the floor then pass out. My uncle Alva Lee use to pull us to the side and tell us of all the bad things that would happen to us if we didn't follow the teachings of the "FATHER", he's no father of mine!

I believe this church takes away all self being and respect, your life belongs to them in charge and most important the twisting of the words of the HOLY BIBLE to suit their needs. I have been on social security disability for about 7 yrs. trying to erase the damage that this group has done. When I left this church I went wild with my new found freedom. I turned to drugs, alcohol, wild parties violence, sex, and so on. My sisters and I hated the church and our parents, because of their rules and so called laws for years. We used to get beatings ( kicked, belts, tossed down a flight of stairs, slapped, punched, & so on) when we did something outside the teachings. I have thought of suicide for years and have been very depressed.

I have also had thoughts of taking that crazy man, they call father, out; but I know that someone would just take his place. I am a Christian now and I am slowly gaining control of my life (it[']s been a battle). I just pulled out our family tree and "Father W. Israel, J. I. S." married into our family in April 18, 1922, but I don't claim him. We have a lot of other family still in there but I don't have a good list and no one in the family talks to us anyway.

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