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Personal Statement of Anonymous 4

I am ashamed to say that I too was once considered a member of this bible twisting and confusion prone "church". The HOJ was started in the early twentieth century based on both old and new testament scripture such as "He shall reign over the house of Jacob forever..."; this poor church that I was born into so full of the ignorant and the impoverished. I feel bad about what happened to me at their school BESA and in their churches and even in my developing mind and life. I feel worse for those who are still trapped in that darkness and can't see that there is light shining all around them and all they need to do is step into it and look up to find God -- the light, love, and above all Good.

I am not typing on this keyboard to preach to anyone. I believe Paul did a wonderful job; so did Peter, Matthew, Luke, John and Christ. I can read the truth in the bible. I'm typing here in the middle of the night so that the world can see my words and know that I have seen some of these allegations with my own eyes and I know that they are the truth. I truly love some of the present day members of the corporation and I pity them for their fear of the unknown; because they've been told it's even worse out here -- in the World.

I have a lot of anger at this cult but I'm not sure exactly where to focus this anger. For years it has built in my chest so that it's hard for me to breathe and then when I do try to let off steam it comes crashing out with such fury that it frightens most people out of my life forever. Very briefly, I'd like to describe a few hours in a typical day at the school where the children didn't go home at night but instead went to an army cot in a common room with the other boys or girls and a mean spirited stranger to beat and boss them. There are worse stories than this but this gives an idea of the emotions involved with some of these memories that are so harsh it's like a bright light in my eyes.

I was invited to stay over with the teacher in the classroom after everyone else had left so I could help decorate the room with construction paper leaves for fall. I was having a wonderful time. I was looking out the window with my teacher beside me when I turned to her calling her 'Mommy.' She seemed honored by this; but to hide my overflowing tears, I ran from the room and all the way to the dorm.

Unfortunately, it was laundry day and they had already given everyone's clothes back to them. (We had our names written or sewn on our clothes and they would call our names with each piece. It was then necessary to get the shirt, sock or whatever within a short period of time or we would get hit with a razor strap once for each sock, shirt, other sock etc.) We were given a choice of getting however much laundry we needed by getting the appropriate number of whips or as I told them, all at once, so that I received quite a beating for helping with the fall decorations.

The school truthfully was a horrible place, worse than any jail I've ever been in. The House of Jacob misrepresents the Holy Bible for power and money. It's kind of the opposite of Robin Hood: they steal from the poor and give to the rich. If you don't do what they say and abide by their version of the King James Version, they believe you get reincarnated or "born again" into an even worse life than this; but if you're an adamant follower, you'll be reincarnated into a better life.

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