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My name is Madeline Coffman. I'm married now but I'll use this name as it is familiar to more people. I am the author of the previously published anonymous bio "Communal Living on the Farm. " That's my story, or a very condensed watered down version of it. I've been harassed now for about eight months concerning things that happened before this site was launched and even more after.

I want to tell everyone that I love my family very deeply. Anyone who is a member of the House of Jacob can understand that your family is not only your family, they are your friends, your confidants, the ones who know all about church. When I decided to leave the House of Jacob, it was a horrific time for me. I was faced at the thought of losing my unborn child from the extreme stress, the fact that I now knew the truth about the HOJ and I could NEVER go back, and my family was going to look at me different FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE........I WOULD NOW BE A LIAR, AN OUTSIDER, THE WORLD.

However, I have realized an even deeper more horrible truth in the last few years. So horrible, that I couldn't make myself believe it at first. And in my bio I watered things down, I didn't want to hurt my family, I chose to remain anonymous. But I believe Jake is a very guilty man. And when he read my bio, he knew exactly who wrote it, and it didn't take him long to call my dad in to his office and harass him on my behalf. My dad has taken a lot of harassment "on my behalf. " And so, I write this letter now, to Jake Daniel Collins. Unfortunately, I feel a necessity for this to be posted online. That way, he can't wave my letter around for others to see and claim that I have apologized to him in some way.


You are a shameful being, and it hurts me to the depths of my soul that my family continues to worship you. If you were any kind of Christian or God, you would not harass my natural and loving father to the point that I believe you have. He has come to me, again, this time begging, pleading, almost in tears, shaking and nervous, asking me to promise him that I would take my bio down. I will keep that promise to him, because I love him and I'm not a liar. However, now that I have fully confessed my identity to everyone, I expect to hear from you personally as I've been told that Robert Arthur did.

I was very concerned for my dad's health the last time he spoke to me. He did not look well, and he told me that he'd hardly been sleeping because you continue to call him into your office and show him new evidence of documents that are supposedly going to allow you to put ME in JAIL!!! I don't know what you think you are going to be able to do to me, but we have a right in this country, FREEDOM OF SPEECH. You know that I have the right to say the things I've said, ESPECIALLY since they're true!

We both know the real reason you don't want to contact me. YOU KNOW I'M NOT A LIAR! That's why people have offered me money, isn't that right, Jake? You know everything in my bio is the truth; and there was a lot that I left out. You know that the situation you're in is very delicate, YOU could easily lose everything, not me. I believe that you stand a very good chance of ending up in jail if more of the abused victims like myself come out. AND I BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE MANY MORE. You know how many, I believe that's why you want to get MY BIO down as quickly as possible, by any means necessary!

I'm sure when people read my bio for the first time, they thought I was a liar, or maybe, they didn't. Maybe some even remembered this had happened to them, but they needed a little more information to bring back all the memories. Perhaps the where? the when? definitely the who! Well, as they say, two out of three ain't bad? So I would like to know something Jake, why does the Control Center have SO MANY BATHROOMS? Not only does it have a lot of bathrooms, but every bathroom has a tub or shower. Now isn't that kind of strange?

Well, I'm not sure why those showers were put there, but I know what I WAS TAUGHT TO DO IN THEM -- AND IT WASN'T CLEAN! While others were diligently typing their office memos, I WAS BEING ABUSED! Sometimes in the showers and sometimes IN THE OFFICES! I don't suppose you ever heard about anything like this? This all just went on up there under everyone's noses and no one was the wiser, right? Do you really expect people to believe that?

Now that there's no question to my identity, I EXPECT you to direct your harassment at me, and not my dad. If you continue to harass my dad and he should suffer in ANY WAY, I, and many others, will hold you personally responsible. I'm not hypnotized by your desperate, meaningless threats and scare tactics anymore. I believe in the true God, the true Father -- a spirit, NOT YOU! The only kind of god and father you come close to resembling is a mob godfather. They, just as I believe you do, rely on threats, bribery, and money to keep them in positions of power.
DO NOT HARASS MY DAD; and if I receive any more offers of what I believe are bribes, I will contact the media. I'm sure there are a number of reporters that would find all this very interesting news for a small town like Coshocton.

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