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Independent Views on
The Order Of
The Magnificat
Of The Mother Of God
and Associated Groups

Secret teachings, allegations of sexual abuse, personal stories, news archive, and more.

+Brenda Speaks -- "When I was five years old I tried to kill myself.... My best friend in there stopped me several times, as I did for her also. And then we promised one another that we would not kill ourselves any more but that as soon as we were old enough the first one to leave would contact the second one and that we would leave the very same day and time. That is what kept our sanity for all."

+"Condemned by the Roman Church -- Beware!" -- An emotional letter to the editor of the Roman Catholic publication Vers Demain, outlining what he alleges are deceptive practices of the Magnificat.

+"Interdiction and Reduction to Lay Status of Michel Collin " -- The Roman Church reduces its former priest to lay status three times "since he has not stopped promoting forms of devotion and of cults that are not approved and are even forbidden."

+"The La Salette Prophecies" -- on which Michel Collin based the Order of the Magnificat: "The seasons will be changed, the earth will produce only bad fruits, the heavenly bodies will lose the regularity of their movements, the moon will reflect only a feeble reddish light; water and fire will lend convulsive motions to the earth's sphere, causing mountains , cities, etc., to be swallowed up.... The demons of the air, together with the Antichrist, will work great wonders on the earth and in the air, and men will become ever more perverted. I call upon the Apostles of the Latter Times... to emerge and come enlighten the earth."

+"The Magnificat Home Page," including a view of the Motherhouse where Brenda Daeges was kept with the other children in her personal story; religious pictures, and more.

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