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The Roman Catholic Church Interdicts Michel Collin

Excommunicate Michael Collin, alias Clement XV
Excommunicate John of the Trinity, alias Gregory XVII
January 17, 1951 Notification from Holy See By the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office

By a decree dated January 17, 1951, the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office has reduced to the status of a layman the priest Michael Collin of the Order of the Sacred Heart, already dismissed from the said Order, traveling through several dioceses, frequently and in various ways violating rules of the Sacred Canon.

The Supreme Congregation has likewise dissolved and forbidden to reconstitute the association bearing the name, "Institue of the Apostles of Infinte Love," which the mentioned priest had pretended to found without the approbation of the competent ecclesiastical Authority.

Given in Rome, from the Palace of the Holy Office, on May 30, 1951
Marinus Marani
(ACTA APOSTOLICAE SEDIS, vol. XLIII (1951), p. 477).

Intervention by the Holy See Through the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office
Statement released in L'Osservatore Romano of December 16, 1956

An ex-member of the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Reverend Michael Collin, who has himself called FR. Michael of the Infinite Love, was reduced to lay status by a decree of this Holy Office dated January 17, 1951. (A.A.S. 1951, p. 447).

The same decree dissolved the Association called, "Institute of the Apostles of Infinite Love", which said priest had pretended to found without the competent ecclesiastical approbation.

Whereas Reverend Collin, imposing upon the good faith of some ecclesiastics and Religious Institutes of women, dared celebrate Holy Mass after being reduced to lay status, this Supreme Congregation wills to warn the Bishops, the clergy both secular and regular, and all persons committed with the management of churches or chapels, that the said priest is still a layman with all the juridical effects ensuing.

We also hereby recall the Bishops that Collin is forbidden to reconstitute and under any name that may be, The Association that was dissolved by the decree from this Holy Office as mentioned above, and he is forbidden to found new associations.

That is the reason why the Institute of the Apostles of Infinite Love, and that of the Magnificat also founded by him in spite of the formal prohibition by the Holy Office, are both not recognized by the Church, and the faithful are forbidden to belong to it.

Given in Rome at the Palace of the Holy Office on December 15, 1956.


Arturo de Jorio

Third Notification by the Holy See

Priest Michael Collin, who had been dismissed from the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, and had often in various ways contravened the prescriptions of the sacred cannons, had accordingly been reduced to the lay status by this Supreme Congregation of the Holy Office through a decree dated Wednesday, January 17, 1951 (A.A.S. 1951, p. 447).

As that priest proved himself to be contumacious in his disobedience, and since he has not stopped promoting forms of devotion and of cults that are not approved and are even forbidden, thus leading the faithful into error and creating public scandal, the Most Reverend Fathers commissioned to watch over questions of Faith and morals have, in their meeting on Wednesday, February 8, 1961, declared Michael Collin to be laid under the interdict ab ingressu ecclesiae. (1)

On Friday 10 of the same month and year, H.H. John XXIII, Pope by the Providence of God, in the audience he granted the most Reverend Assessor of the Holy Office, approved the resolution submitted to him from the Most Eminent Fathers, and ordered it to be made public law of the Church.

Given in Rome at the Palace of the Holy Office, on February 14, 1961.


Sebastiano Masala
Notary for the Supreme Congregation of the Holy Office.

(1) Cannon 2277 specifies that: "The interdict ab ingressu ecclesiae includes prohibition from celebrating or attending divine services in a church, and prohibition of Church burial. If the interdicted person attends a service it is not required that he be expelled, and if her was given a church burial it is not necessary to transfer his remains."

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