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TranceNet: Alert!

EXTRA!blackball2.GIFREAD ME FIRST! Natural Law Party Founder Predicts Imminent Global Biological War!
*8/12/96: Bevan and the Maharishi Make New Claims about Coming Global War
*Breaking Bulletins on the Maharishi's Bizarre Announcement
*Links to MIU/MUM, Natural Law Party, Background Resources

blackball2.GIFWhat You Can Do to Avert Another Jonestown
*How to Find Out More Information about this Crisis
*Where to Send Info on "Maharishi Vedic University Project" Crisis

blackball2.GIF"So what? He's Done this Before....": Analysis
*Parallels to Jonestown
*Steven Hassan, Author Combatting Cult Mind Control, Founder, Resource Center for Freedom of Mind
*Mike Doughney, Founder, minet.org & ex-cult.org
*John M. Knapp, Editor, TranceNet

blackball2.GIF"What's Going On?": Reactions from Around the World

blackball2.GIFComing! Background
blackball2.GIFminet.org's Detailed Background of this Crisis
*Coming! Timeline of the Crisis
*Coming! Timeline of the TM Movement

TranceNet's Home Page
Insider secrets, mantras, personal stories, more

"I don't understand what is happening. My ex-wife is a TM teacher. Suddenly she's arranging to sell her house. I'm worried for my kids."

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