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*Reaction Pours into TranceNet

"I had a high respect for Maharishi at one time and I'm beginning to think he's lost it. I am not drawing ANY conclusions at this time as I've learned patience through the years. Tell me this prediction is really not true."

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The Natural Law Party may be reached for comment on whether they support the Maharishi's prediction of imminent global biological war at info@natural-law.org To date, their responses have not been terribly enlightening.


X-POP3-Rcpt: jmknapp@mail Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 17:20:22 -0700
From: { }
To: jmknapp53@gmail.com
Subject: What in the world is going on?
X-Url: http://www.trancenet.net/
Hi.  I hope I am reaching John Knapp.
I had recently requested to be removed from the mail list because of what 
I really believed that your organization was of a "Christian 
fundamentalist" kind and really didn't want to read negative information.
Being a former TMer, I have never experienced all of the adverse effects 
that's been described so many times in e-mail.  I HAVE experienced the 
'separation' caused by TM but I still feel that it's Part of the journey 
towards Truth.  Being initiated in 71' and then moving onto other avenues 
of practice, I had not been aware of this 'cult-like' structure as has 
been described in mail...
BUT T O D A Y----The first thing I thought was, "Has Maharishi lost his 
mind?".  This kind of 'scare' is not in keeping with any true spiritual 
traditions that I'm aware of and my intuitive feelings are not in sync 
with this doomsday forecast, for whatever my intuitive may be worth.
     I will not jump to any conclusions today about Maharishi but I will 
keep my eyes open.  This is a highly unfortunate situation.  Actually, if 
it's true, it sucks.  What he came here with was good at the time.  Why 
has he turned this innocent and self-searching teaching into? DAMN!!! 
     This is something I want to discuss with Ram Dass.
             Thanks for listening.  Sincerely,{ }

X-POP3-Rcpt: jmknapp@mail From: { } To: "'John M. Knapp'" Subject: Re: Press Release Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 15:19:48 -0500 Mime-Version: 1.0 John, I guess you're busy after the press release. Following your request to inform the media about TM events, I sent a copy of your PR to the St Louis Post Dispatch, whom I have submitted numerous editorial letters to in the past. It is good that this info be gotten out so that public awareness can hopefully prevent the org from some really extreme behaviors. And I thought the TM org was only mildly offensive during my time involved. Later, { }
X-POP3-Rcpt: jmknapp@mail Date: 12 Jun 96 15:36:49 -0700 From: "Bill Eberwein" Subject: Re: Natural Law inanity Cc: wwe@xc.org "TM is a simple, innocent techique..." Really? I am happy to see Mr. Knapp and company continuing to publish some of the inside scoop on the TM movement. Actually, most of what they are making available is not "insider" material, but information that is publicly available, but denied, covered up, or censored by the TM organizations. All of these are public record, for example, from old Maharishi writings, or news stories: -The origin of the mantras as names of Hindu gods -What the mantras are, and how they are chosen by "initiates" age -The structure of Maharishi's empire and business holdings -The nature of the advanced courses -The cosmology of the Maharishi 'religion' as told to TM teachers and insiders -Legal proceedings declaring TM to be religious -Legal proceedings and losses against Maharishi, TM, etc. -The failure of the flying programs to produce results -The reasons many former leaders have abandoned Maharishi (Chopra, et. al) -Scientific studies that fail to replicate, and/or refute the TM claims -Scientific studies that duplicate benefits without resort to TM My own complaint is that TM is deceptive in its claims to NOT be religious. Were it to present itself as a religion, then the public (and those still trapped within the TM organization and teaching) could make a decision to either worship God as taught by their own tradition, or trade it in for the "I am God, Maharishi is Master" religion of Maharishi. Instead, the Public Relations wing of TM claims that the mantras are not names of God. When confronted with the early writings of Maharishi, and disclosures that the "advanced techniques" are additions to the mantras meaning, "Oh Holy...I bow down" the organization then withdraws, or claims it is a mythological and symbolic meaning. The further studies that indicate that long term practice of long periods of meditation might actually be dangerous also warrant further study. Many practicioners have reported depression, withdrawal, lethargy, attention deficit problems as a result of their lengthy meditations. TM is neither simple, nor innocent. And it is not a technique, but a highly structured belief system and lifestyle that is antithetical to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (and perhaps others), and possibly disruptive to success and happiness in Western culture. Let the buyer (for the program is very pricey) beware. William W. Eberwein
X-POP3-Rcpt: jmknapp@mail Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 16:02:13 -0700 From: Bob Watson Organization: OMWORKS, INC. Mime-Version: 1.0 To: jmknapp53@gmail.com Subject: [Fwd: RE>Doomsday? What's going on?] Hi John. I thought I'd write to hear from the other side {natural-law.org} and this was the response I received. Intresting, don't you think? Bob Watson Content-Type: message/rfc822 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Disposition: inline Return-Path: natural-law!info@jeff.fairfield.com Received: from jeff.fairfield.com (root@jeff.fairfield.com []) by PACBELL.net (8.7.1/8.7.1) with ESMTP id NAA04635 for ; Wed, 12 Jun 1996 13:56:35 -0700 (PDT) Received: from natural-law.UUCP (uucp@localhost) by jeff.fairfield.com (8.7.3/8.7.3) with UUCP id PAA29501 for bobs_om@pacbell.net; Wed, 12 Jun 1996 15:54:37 -0500 (CDT) X-UIDL: 834620002.000 Date: 12 Jun 96 15:18:02 +0000 From: information requests Subject: RE>Doomsday? What's going on? To: Bob Watson Message-ID: <960612.151802@natural-law.org> X-Mailer: InterCall 1.2 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 >From David, NLP Volunteer. -------------------------------------- Date: 6/12/96 10:54 AM To: information requests From: Bob Watson Hi. In all fairness, I wanted to ask before I reach and unfortunate conclusion. I am dismayed at the recent prediction of Maharishi regarding a biological war within "weeks". THIS IS QUITE FALSE. Guess what. I am quite intuitive, primarily brought on with my initation into TM in 71'. After practicing meditations from all traditions, I found no problems with TM> Having paying attention to trancenet.net for some time(mostly with scheptisism), This is where your problem may lie. today I'm awed at this outrageous statement. 25 years ago, if there had been an organization connected with Maharishi involving a 'New World Order', I'd have been one of the first to join. Would I vote for someone who is associated with this recent kind of false information? NO. Please reply and ease my mind---tell me that this is really bull...I had a high respect for Maharishi at one time and I'm beginning to think he's lost it. I am not drawing ANY conclusions at this time as I've learned patience through the years. Tell me this prediction is really not true. Sincerely, Bob Watson X-POP3-Rcpt: jmknapp@mail Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 14:08:06 -0700 From: { } Mime-Version: 1.0 To: jmknapp53@gmail.com Subject: Global Biological Warfare Please put me on any list you have of email addresses wishing updates on the threat of Global Biological Warfare recently announced. Thanks. I emailed MUM and have not yet received a reply. { }
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