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*Bevan's 8/11 Conference Call on Global War!

"M warned back in July about the dangerous warfare -- nuclear, genetic, chemical -- and the poisonous food developed thru genetic engineering spread by nations in Security Council. The only way to combat this influence are groups of yogic flyers.

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A trancenet.net reader from Fairfield writes about Bevan Morris's conference call on Sunday regarding global war [warning: strong language, as yet unconfirmed from other sources]:

Raw notes, I couldn't catch everything - my comments in square brackets, viz []

Was a taped telephone call from Bevan Morris that had been obstentially made one hour before. He had just come from a meeting with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (M).

This knowledge is changing, on a day by day basis - not concrete - may change Current thinking since Guru Purnam

Going to be a new Global Administration, Maharishi Global Administration thru Natural Law. The structure will be World, Continent, Nation, State, City/local. Want to establish groups of yogic flyers at Brahmanstan [spelling?] which is the center point of natural law for the nation. To enliven national life and automate national life

Establishing these groups is the only way to deal with the alarming situation thru- out the world. M warned back in July about the dangerous warfare [could get the whole list] nuclear, genetic, chemical [?] and the poisonous food developed thru genetic engineering spread by nations in Security Council. The only way to combat this influence are groups of yogic flyers.

All other organizations will continue. This is to provide a fresh wave of support.

This effort will make the National Government full of knowledge about Natural Law. Nature's government main modus of operation be yogic flyers [as I said, raw notes] support constitution of nation.

The plans are in flux.

To oversee this will be a International Cabnet of Ministers: Tony Nader, Bevan Morris [what a surprise!], Neil Patterson, and several others, Somebody York?, Somebody Bloch? [couldn't catch the names]

There will also be a Parliment: Maharishi's Global Parliment for World Peace. Next month on the City level there will be yogic flying competitions, the winners will move on in October to the State level, & etc. on Jan 12 in Holland there will be a global competition. In March it will begin again leading to the Global on July 12. Winners will receive a honorific after their name M.M.P. (Member of Maharishi's Parliment) [Jesus are these people pompous bastards] The object is to maintain tempo of coherence 'tween cosmic and natural life. These meetings will be like WPA's. [You DO remember what WPA stands for, right?] Eventually there will be a Security Council of the champion yogic flyers on all levels. Create security by action on para[?]. Those people will have an honorific of MMSC (Member of Maharishi's Security Council). On the global level the winners will become professional yogic flyers - flying around the security council in the middle of 7000 yogic flyers. 7000 in Brahmastan [spelling?] in Europe. Still looking for the place.

This is NOT the structure for this week, but mapping the structure for the world to continue for generations [or untill the next wacko project comes up] There will be honary degress for yogic flyers - the higher you fly the higher the degree. This is the only hope M holds out to the world - more flyers everywhere - need 7000 in one place.

Continental Leaders will be the Sidhi Administrators and Program Leaders [so the actual power remains in the hands of the inner circle] National leaders to be selected, for USA it's Dave Kaplan, for Canada Matt Deacon. There will be 16 channels of Administration: 16 = vedic structure; 8 prakriti [?] in and 8 out: Spritual Development, Constitution of the Universe, Science and Technology, Law-Justice-Rehabilitation, Reconstruction of the World, Education, Cultural Integrity, Perfect Health, Defense, Progress and Prosperity, Fullfillment, Agriculture, Energy and Environment, Finance, Information and Communication, [and I missed one]

The programs will come from India [what a surprise!] , knowledge, courses, and consultants Representives from India will be established in each Brahmastan [?]

Call for everyone to join the effort. Sept 7 there will be a one week celebration of the Silver Jubilee; book, celebrations, plan for ideal campus, concerts, guests, Sept 12 M will call, banquet with leaders of the community (TM) and town (real people) [AARRRRGGGH! SOME of us know REAL PEOPLE in FF. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!], fair on old campus, Bevan will be here [whoopie! A thousand woes repaid].

The buildings on campus are no good, you can only evolve so far without the proper surroundings. New buildings required. [X-ref earlier letter]

M is sure the FF community will rise to support this as the great success of the FF businesses has been told to M from Purusha [those bastard's, M has heard there is actually $ in town he hasn't gotten his fingers on yet] How many precious things we know and do [and have paid and paid and paid and paid for] have come from M & how gratefull we should be.


Bevan, you swarmy fucker, is THAT what all this is about? It should be noted that there are two major and successfull businesses in town now, both in the telephone business. Global Link and Telegroup. These are actually hiring people at (*GASP*)


And are run by TM'ers. Prosperity is just barely coming to town. & SInce these guys are paying decent wages and treating the help with respect all the slime-ball Sidha businesses are being force to do the same. Greshems Law in reverse; Good Coin driving out Bad. I'm sure you will realize this is just window dressing for the same old tired bullshit. The same gang of crooks operating the same old flim-flam game. Perhaps the earlier hysteria coming from Vlodrop was the scream of the con man, pushing the old buttons without the old responses coming back from the mark. I don't think Kool-Aid is on the menu at Annapurna yet. As long as M can use FF as his own piggybank he will continue the game. The successfull parasite is one that bleeds but does not kill the host. You might tell the minet people that. Never forget that M comes from India. As long as you are not completely stupid, like Ms. Ghandi and burn down the most holy site of your bodyguard, you can always honorably retire with the cash (remember the Bhavad Rajneesh & his sex cult in Oregon) The amount of indifference to M has grown strikingly here.

H'mmm. I've mixed two different thoughts in the above paragraph. Well, sort it out yourself, I'm tired & outa here.


"Deep 'Ru"

P.S. I'll cast around to see if I can get info from other people who where there.

P.P.S. I think a guy was taping the call. Security (James) seemed to confiscate a device from someone. Are you encouraging people to be naughty Mr Knapp?

P.P.P.S. We share an office, where the computer and fax are, with a real MMY fan, so communication may be difficult at various times.

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