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"Email the Natural Law Party at info@
and demand an explanation."

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- June 11, 1996

Help Avert Another Jonestown

Gather Information
Call your local Maharishi Vedic University (TM center) and ask for details about the Maharishi Vedic University Project. Call the President's Office of Maharishi University of Management, 515.472.1187, and ask for information. Email the Natural Law Party at info@natural-law.org and demand an explanation. Also, TranceNet will be posting frequent bulletins during this crisis.
Send Information to TranceNet
Whatever verifiable information you gather, send to TranceNet, via email at jmknapp53@gmail.com, via fax at 518.432.1795, via snailmail or courier at TranceNet, 1034 First Street West, Sonoma, CA 95476.
Call Friends and Loved Ones in the TM Movement
If you know people deeply connected to the TM movement contact them immediately! TMers have been told that this is an apocalyptic, life-or-death situation and to keep all details secret. But probe with questions about travel plans, vacations, plans to move, sell their homes, or other sudden major life changes. Parents who share custody of their children with a former spouse still involved with the TM movement may want to carefully inquire about their children's whereabouts.
CONTACT: trancenet.net
John M. Knapp, Executive Director
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