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Announcing the formation of all-info.org


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- September 3, 1996

all-info.org has applied for tax-exempt, non-profit corporation status in the State of California. all-info.org holds the exclusive license to and now manages trancenet.net's Web publications: TranceNet (on TM), Rama-Llama-Ding-Dong (Lenz/Rama), Shameless Mind (Deepak Chopra), and Moonism (Unification Church).

Elected to the board were Don Krieger, Assoc. Professor of Neurophysiology at Pittsburgh University, Marcy Greene, Michael T. Doughney, vice president and co-founder of DIGEX, Jim Picariello, author and lecturer, and John M. Knapp, founder of trancenet.net. Elected as officers were John Knapp, president, Mike Doughney, vice president and treasurer, Jim Picariello, secretary.

"I am pleased to see that what began as a personal hobby has become a formal organization," said John Knapp, founder of "trance". "I knew it couldn't continue to grow with only my input. And this information and work is much too important for cult victims everywhere to hold it back."

The new board has directed officers to continue expansion, launching a brand-new trancenet.net publication on the controversies surrounding the Church of Scientology with a first issue this Fall.

"We expect to keep our focus tight on providing unfiltered information, but to expand the scope of the publications," commented Mike Doughney, vice president. "We are pleased to support therapists, lawyers, and the media with information they won't find anywhere else. We are especially pleased to offer balancing information for victims, their families, and the organizations that support them, such as AFF, Resource Center for Freedom of Mind, and others."

The trancenet.net World Wide Web site provides the public, media, and professionals with information about exploitative psychological techniques and those who use them. Content includes exclusive interviews with new age gurus like Dr. Deepak Chopra and in-depth discussion of cult-related issues. A charitable and educational publisher, trancenet.net also archives insider secrets, personal stories, independent research, law cases, and other primary source materials on controversial groups that critics allege restrict the free-flow of information. A popular Website, trancenet.net delivers more than 1,500 pages a day -- with roughly 6,000 visitors a month. It has received warm reviews from Lycos's A2Z ("a comprehensive site"), WebCrawler's WebSelect ("the champion of psychological freedoms everywhere"), and has been listed by Yahoo, MedWeb, and other major Web referring engines. all-info.org is listed with InterNic as the corporate domain.

CONTACT: trancenet.net
John M. Knapp, Executive Director

(C) Copyright 1996, John M. Knapp. All rights reserved.

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