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Beacon Light of the Himalayas, 1 of 4

Maharshi's Message to Peaceless and Sufferings

UnfilteredGIF Facsimile of "handwritten" original

Oh ye of the peaceless and suffering humanity!

My happiness desires to root out your suffering. Will you extend your arm and allow me to lift you up from the mire of misery and peacelessness?

Come on, here is the call of peace and joy for you. Here is the invitation, a cordial invitation for you all to come and enjoy the Blissful Grace and All Powerful Blessings of my Lord the Great Swami Brahmanant[sic] Saraswati, the Great among the greats of the Himalayas. I have found a treasure in the Dust of His Lotus Feet and now I invite you to share it with me and make yourself happy.

Come on; I invite you to get into the Blissful Realm of His Universal Benevolence. See, the path is straight and entry is free. Come on with faith and you will find that the very cause of your peacelessness and misery will be eradicated and you will be adorned with lasting peace and real happiness in your day to day life.

Feel not disappointment in life and shirk not from your responsibilities in despair. Whatever are your circumstances, rich or poor, if you are not in peace and if you want peace and happiness, come on with faith and you will have it. Here is the message of hope for you. Here is the Divine Call of rescue for you. Peace and joy of living await you. Do not reject it. Come on and have it.

The sun of Guru Deva's Blessings is now up on the horizon. Wake up from the deep slumber of apathy and agony and enjoy all the glories of life material and divine.


Bal Brahmachari Mahesh

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