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Beacon Light of the Himalayas, 2 of 4

Maharshi's Discourse
"Time Is At Hand
Under the universal benevolence of Shri Guru Deva enjoy all glories of Life Material and Divine"

UnfilteredThus spoke Maharishi Bala Brahmachari Mahesh Yogi Maharaj during His inspired exhortation on the first day of the Mahasammelan. In its essential features the discourse is summarised by the verse.

GIF of Sanskrit Verse

Jai Guru Deva

"It gives me great pleasure this afternoon to be in company of you all here assembled in the close vicinity of the Maha Yagna Mandapam. From the early morning the atmosphere here is being surcharged with the Divine Vibrations of Rig Veda and Yajur Veda Parayanam and the chantings of the Maha Yagna Mantras. From morning till noon today when the Siva Laksharchana was being performed by the learned vedic Pandits, everybody must have felt the thrilling and Divine presence of the Vedic Gods here. In such a pure, Serene, and Godly atmosphere, your Kerala Maha Sammelan has commenced.

It is really a matter of good fortune and pride for every one of us that we have assembled here to discuss and decide, as far as it is possible intellectually, about the easy and practical ideologies of mind-control and spiritual development. This auspicious occasion, I find, is graciously sanctified by the presence of the great Lord Siva and his retinue, and the divine radiance of Sri Guru Dev who is famous for his benevolence and generosity in showering His blessings on all.

In this atmosphere of all-embracing Divinity the inauguration of this Maha Sammelanam by the speech from a saintly, and princely personality has added grandeur to the occasion. His Highness's inaugural address is the most appropriate speech for the occasion. When I came to Kerala I heard that His Highness the Maharajah of Cochin is a very learned and religiously cultured soul. Now after listening to his inaugural address I am convinced that he is fully worthy of the great name and fame he has earned. In his speech he has successfully laid down the essentials of Adhyatmic Vikas or Spiritual Development. He has very clearly explained the distinction between the theoretical and the practical aspects of Adhyatma Vidya. All this shows, his clear understanding and unflickering approach to the subject.

The clarification of "Pravrithi Marga" and "Nivrithi Marga" by His Highness is the most remarkable feature of his speech. It leads me to conclude that His Highness is in full possession of the golden treasures of the rich and old traditions of learning. That is why he could clearly claim Jeevan Mukti for the "Pravrithi Margi" also. This is a very important lesson because in the present Atmosphere of too much talk of Vedanta, it is often argued that Peace in day to day life, experience of Atmananda and realisation of God are not possible without Vairagya or Renunciation. This idealogy[sic] is basically wrong and I am glad His Highness has spoken what is right.

For such a noble, intelligent and befitting inaugural address I can only congratulate His Highness and pray to Guru Deva to shower his choicest blessings upon him for a healthy, prosperous and long life.

Another thing which encourages me to speak at this stage is the Asirvathan sent by Sri Sankaracharya Maharaj of Sringeri Mutt, You have heard his asirvatham. Therein you would have noted the sentence that this Kerala Maha Sammelan of the Adhyatimic Vikas Mandal is the need of the Nation. In this one small sentence His Holiness has spoken volumes. If time would permit, hours could be spent in elucidating the glorious principles compressed in this one small sentence. Obviously enough, His Holiness means that after the advent of the political freedom of the country, a Spiritual Renaissance throughout the vast continent of India is the need, and now is the time to accelerate the spiritual development, because spiritual development alone will ensure abiding peace and lasting happiness in the country. This spiritual development of India can alone erect a permanent light house of peace and joy to guide the destiny of the storm-tossed ship of the suffering humanity of the whole world and save it from wreck. Sankaracharya Maharaj has also meant and wished in that one sentence that the mandal should rise up on a national basis. It is a clarion call of peace and happiness for the people and therefore His Holiness has called it the need of the Nation.

Adhyatmic Vikas or spiritual development is the process which brings to light and to our direct experience the hitherto unknown and unexperienced glories of the subtler aspects of our being. Adhyatmic Vikas or spiritual development is the process of unfolding the essential nature of the soul and bringing it out to light from the hidden chambers of ignorance - ignorance that stands as a covering and hides the subtle and glorified aspect of our inner personality. Adhyatmic vikas or spiritual development is the process of revelation of the ultimate truth of our life, the Satchidanandam, which is the greatest heritage of one and all.

This most treasured heritage is really the fountain head of all joy in life, material and divine.

Adhyatmic vika is the process to unfold the glories of the soul and to enjoy all aspects of life, material and divine. Adhyatmic Vikas is the process of bringing out the great fountain head of peace and joy hidden with us. Adhyatmic Vikas or spiritual development is the process of sharpening the mind to enable it to enter into the kingdom of the soul which is the subtlest aspect of our life, the "Anoraniyan" and directly experience its essential nature which is Satchidanandam.

Everybody can have, should have and must have, the great privilege of enjoying the glories of the soul, the glories of the glorified aspect of everybody's life. Caste, creed or nationality is no hurdle in the realm of the soul or on the royal road to it. Soul is the individual property of everybody. It is the natural and inseparable possession, nay, the very existence of evrey[sic] man. Everybody has a right to enjoy his own possession. Every-body[sic] has a right to enjoy the satchidanandam nature of his own soul. In the most natural manner every body has every right to enjoy permanent peace, Bliss Eternal, which is the nature of his own soul. Every body has a birth-right to enjoy abiding peace and unbounded joy which is the essential nature of his own soul. And I hold Everybody already possesses the capacity of enjoying it, because it is already there in the innermost recess of everybody's heart. Nothing from outside can stop a man from experiencing the nature of his own soul. Nothing from outside can stop a man from enjoying lasting peace and permanent joy in life, for, it is the essential nature of his own soul.

The doors of satchidanandam are wide open alike for one and all. The path is straight and entry is free. Then why waste time in helplessness and suffer any agony in life? Why suffer when you can enjoy? Why be miserable when you can be happy? Now, let the days of misery and peacelessness be over and let their operation become the tales of the past. Allow not the past history of agony to be continued in the present. Be happy and gay. Come on straight and enjoy the enjoyable. Come on and enjoy the fountainhead of all joys in life, enjoy the everbright chambers of your own inner personality. All suffering will cease, all agony will go, and all peacelessness and misery of life will simply disappear. Today you are under the divine radiance of Shri Guru Deva. Time is at hand. Under the universal benevolence of Guru Deva enjoy all glories of life, material and divine. Let not the caravan of life be tossed about and wander aimlessly in the darkness of ignorance; under the dark clouds of agony and peacelessness. Let it enjoy the royal entry into the gates of protection, peace and happiness; let it enter into the Kingdom of bliss and be blissful for ever.

Under the high flying banner of spiritual development alone can the suffering humanity find solace and peace. Spiritual development of the members of the family of nations, alone can ensure abiding peace in the world. Let the standard of everybody's mind be raised to the heights of his own inner glory and then man will feel for himself the greatness of the higher values of life and would be tempted to bring them down into practical life, and live them. Unless the steps of spiritual development are ascended and the pinnacle is reached, the hope of peace and happiness in life will ever remain unrealised. It was on the basis of this spiritual development that India was once so great and it is the glory of the same spiritual development that can make India great once again to shine as a rising sun of peace and happiness on the horizon of the world.

I believe in something practical. Mere talks of peace and fussing over it have no practical value in any field of life. If one peaceless and miserable man of the world could be made peaceful and happy, it would mean something of value, positive and concrete for the suffering humanity. If a formula could be brought out to light a formula for transforming peacelessness and miseries of life into peace end joy of a permanent nature, that would be a boon to society and for the hole of mankind. Here we find that great boon, in the dust of the Lotus feet of Shri Guru Deva. Any number, millions and crores of the suffering souls can come and take refuge in the universal benevolence of Guru Deva and can within a few days of Sadhana, transform their peacelessness and sufferings into real peace and permanent joy. You have already heard the experiences of many on this platform. What else can be a greater boon in life? What else can be a better gift in lose of humanity? Guru Deva is now out to shower His Grace on one and all. Like a flood has come His Grace here in kerala[sic]. Thousands are enjoying peace and joy in their daily life. Anybody who came, was blessed, and allowed to take the path of peace and happiness. Time is favourable, opportunity is yours. Enjoy, enjoy to the maximum the overflowing grace of Shri Guru Deva.

Mysterious are the ways of destiny. I cannot say, for how long in the atmosphere of the present age, we will succeed in holding on to this great and overflowing generosity of Shri Guru Deva. I can only speak in terms of the present. I can only offer to you the dishes ready in hand today; for tomorrow I cannot promise, for, I have nothing of my own. The bulb is shining here, but the current is coming from the power house. Any time the main switch may be put off and then the bulb will cease to spread the light. Therefore under the light of the shining bulb at hand, lay out your own lines to the powerhouse and be independent and free from the fear of darkness when the light that is chooses to switch off.

Here is the Divine call for you. Adhyatmic Vikas Mandal of Kerala is the clarion call to awaken the world from deep slumber of ignorance, suffering and peacelessness. Here is the invitation from the universal benevolence of Shri Guru Deva; the invitation, the universal invitation for everyone suffering the agony of peacelessness and miseries, to come out of the dark night of life into the brilliant light of Divine Grace and enjoy all glories of life, material and divine.

Remember, it is nothing new that the Adhyatmic Vikas Mandal of Kerala is saying today. It is not any new massage of life that Kerala Maha Sammelan is broadcasting today. It is the same age-old voice of eternal peace and happiness for which India stands out from times immemorial. It is the same age-old voice of eternal peace and happiness which the child of Kerala, the pride of India, Shri Sankara gave out to the world more than two thousand years ago. Kerala Maha Sammelan is giving out today, on the basis of personal experience, the same age-old lesson of Shri Sankara which declared the unimpeachable universality of Anandam as the Ultimate and Absolute Reality of existence; it is the same principle of Anandam that the Eternal Vedas and Upanishads have been singing down the ages-

Verse from Taittariya Upanishad

(Taittariya Upanishad)

"From Anandam is the whole creation born. In Anandam do the creatures live and in Anandam shall all this ultimately merge! Anandam is the one reality of the universe, ultimate and absolute. Anandam is the one reality of life eternal and absolute. Anandam is the nature of the soul. Anandam is the life of every body. Anandam is the very existence of every being. This is the Anandam which the Adhyatmic Vikas Mandal of Kerala is enjoying and this is the natural and Universal Anandam for whose enjoyment Kerala Maha Sammelan is raising a voice and inviting the people. This is the Anandam, which was considered to be so difficult of experience, and which now has become so easily attainable under the grace of Shri Guru Deva. It is this great miracle of Guru Deva that is tempting the Kerala Maha Sammelam to feel for the suffering humanity. Although nothing is new in the realm of the soul the experience of it which was thought to be very difficult has now become very easy under the grace of Guru Deva. It is the joy of this easy way of approach which is encouraging Kerala Maha Sammelam to raise a voice unique and unheard of elsewhere in contemporary times. Kerala Maha Sammelam is raising a voice. that under the universal benevolence of Shri Guru Deva, MIND CONTROL IS EASY, PEACE IN DAILY LIFE IS EASY AND EXPERIENCE OF ATMANANDAM IS EASY.

This voice of Kerala Maha Sammelan is not a voice of catch-words and charming sentiments. It is a voice coming out of the acid test of personal experience.

Kerala Maha Sammelan stands only to flash out the age old light of Eternal Peace and happiness, the light Celestial blazoned by the Maharshies of yore and kept alive in the heart of the holy tradition of the Maharshies of the country; the Light serene whose one ray is sufficient to enlighten the dark nights of ignorance misery and peacelessness of the whole world. And you have seen it for yourseself,[sic] how under the amazing influence of that light, hundreds of miserable and peaceless souls of kerala[sic] have put en end to their suffering and peacelessness and have begun to enjoy peace and happiness in life, Whatever the material circumstances and surroundings of the man, his life has been raised to a high pitch of real peace and joy. Under the flash of this unfailing light of Guru Deva's Blessing, Kerala Maha Sammelan stands to proclaim sure cure for all the miseries and peacelessness of everybody everywhere in the world. This is the one treasure of Adhyatmic Vikas Mandal, on the basis of which it stands "to bring peace and happiness everywhere in everybody's every-day life".

"Today we have considered the nature of Adhyatmic Vikas, the Omnipresence of Anandam, and the aim of the Adhyatmic Vikas Mandal. Tomorrow we shall deal with the theory of Adhyatmic Vikas, the principle of attaining peace and happiness in life.

Jai Shri Guru De---va.

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