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Buzzwords Used in The Way International.

*Divided: A properly "divided," as opposed to "divined," Biblical text has been understood in its proper context.

*Leaf: Individual member of The Way International (all levels are named after parts of a tree).

*Limb: State or regional organizational level of The Way International (all levels are named after parts of a tree).

*One-Time Healing: A euphemism allegedly used by The Way clergy to describe -- and justify -- wife-swapping and sex between married clergy and married laity.

*PFAL: "Power for Abundant Living," a video-taped class by V.P. Wierwille intended to introduce recruits into the "proper" understanding of the Bible and modern Christian practice.

*ROA: "Rock of Ages Christian Music Festival." The first ROA was held at New Knoxville, Ohio, in 1971 with 1,000 attending. At its peak, the ROA boasted 15,000 or more attendees.

*Speaking in tongues: In The Way International, "speaking in tongues" was a technique of prolonged chanting that resulted in hyperventilation -- sometimes with severe and dangerous side-effects.

*Twig: Local church or congregation of The Way International (all levels are named after parts of a tree).

*Way Corps: Dedicated inner cadre of The Way International who receive clerical and, allegedly, paramilitary training.

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