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No Way Out

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No Way Out

Volume 1, Issue 1

Overview: The Way International

blackball.GIFTimeline of The Way International, a brief history of V. P. Wierwille, L. Craig Martindale, The Way International, and associated groups.

blackball.GIFThe Way International Defined, history, beliefs, questionable practices, secrets, and more.

News Archive

blackball.GIFThe Arkansas Democrat gives an excellent overview of The Way -- and the heart-breaking stories of families ripped apart trying to follow destructive teachings, such as sexual promiscuity in marriage.

experiences: Testimony of Former Members

blackball.GIFJohn Lynn, a former Way Leader, describes sexual misconduct, a tyrannical leadership not accountable to anyone for what he sees as abuses of power, and psychologically abusive tactics used to collect money from followers.

blackball.GIFJim Martin, No Way Out editor and former Way member, asks pointed questions of Way leader Craig Martindale in an open letter.

blackball.GIFAn anonymous ex-Way member demands explanations for contradictory Way teachings.

blackball.GIFAnother anonymous ex-member speaks movingly of the painful shaming and ostracization he experienced for not toeing the Way line -- tactics that he blames for causing his divorce and the breakup of his family. He also describes the extreme atmosphere within the Way's inner core, where leaders defend David Koresh and speak of similar dire consequences if Way Headquarters are ever attacked.

Secrets of The Way

blackball.GIFMany of the Core Beliefs that Wierwille taught disturb mainstream Christians, such as Jesus Christ is not God; today's Jews are actually an impostor tribe from Siberia, not the Bible's chosen people; the Jewish Holocaust is a myth; much of the Gospel doesn't have any real meaning today; and others.

blackball.GIFAn anonymous ex-Way member, demands explanations for contradictory Way teachings.

blackball.GIFRiddle: "What do you call a 'holy' man who teaches that healing and all good things are possible through the prayer of a righteous man -- but who cannot avert his own slow, painful death of a rare cancer?" Answer: V.P. Wierwille. Death Certificate of V.P. Wierwille

blackball.GIFA growing list of buzzwords used in The Way International.

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