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Letters to the Editor, For the Site

Unfiltered Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 11:36:22 -0700
From: Bea Tate
To: armywife@pa.net Subject: "A Way Out"

I recently found your home page and read letters from Jim Martin and Anonymous 1 describing their experiences with The Way International. I physically felt my heart hurt for both of them, and all of us who were once affiliated with this ungodly organization.

After 13 years of involvement and 10 years away, I have often asked myself why in the world this organization haunts its former followers the way it does. I believe part of the reason lies in the original motivation of the former follower. Why did we get involved in the first place? I think for most of us it was a desire to fill the God sized hole in our souls. (Everyone has one) In a time of challenging the established system we thought we'd found the way.

Did you notice however, that there was always someone in each PFAL class you took or ran that didn't finish? Did you notice how often they were practicing Christians? They had too much knowledge (deep spiritual knowledge) to be seduced into the basic Way belief system that was taught in that class and was necessary for Weirwille to indoctrinate us into believing the rest of the trash he taught. We uninstructed Christians and non believers did not have the tru Christian foundation "The Gospel of Jesus Christ" rooted in our hearts so that we could debunk what he was teaching. He said it was logical, it seemed logical to us, so we bought it.

In truth, God's truth, human logic has little to do with anything of the spirit. Is a faith that moves mountains logical? Is it logical for God to leave heaven, become a man, suffer pain and death to save a sinful world? Is that kind of love logical?

I've read articles by and talked to other former Way believers, some of whom are in my own family. I tremble at the hold that this faithless man and his disciples had on us. It is nothing short of spriitual victimization. Even though many haven't attended a Way fellowship for years, they still hold to the beliefs taught by that man. Why? Mind control, that's why. Mind control that was so insidious that it resulted in us using it on ourselves. We called it "renewing our minds". If you don't think he knew what he was doing, think again. But you say, "It's in the Word. I can show you." What you will show me are his selections. did you ever notice when it didn't fit his desired result it meant something else in the Greek (which if you looked it up sometimes it did and sometimes it didn't) or he ignored it (how often were you taken to the book of Revelation?) or he would say things like "I can't prove it but I just know because it fits". And of course who were we to question the man of God of this day and time?

Let me tell you folks, this was a faithless man. If he couldn't make it happen or explain it or understand it then it wasn't correct. This faithlessness is as the heart of everything he taught and is still being taught today. This faithlessness is the reason he was thrown out of his own denomination. Think about how he put the Gospels into the Old Testament....(for your learning not your living) Who are the Gospels about? What is our instruction concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Who is Jesus Christ? According to Weirwille he was Jesus the man...Excuse me!!!!! Chapter and verse...

Using Weirwills reasoning let's take a look at this. He says there are only 3 verses referring to Jesus as God and many referring to him as God's son. So by sheer logic the greater cancel the fewer....What about 3 being the number that represents something is established? What about his teaching that we can't add to the word, take away from the word or change the word? What about his teaching that when something is mentioned once or very few times it should make it stand out? What about God creating man in his own image? We are body, soul and spirit. What are Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father? What are their functions?

It is paramount that every individual that was ever indoctrinated into the Way belief system denounce everything they were taught by this man. It is loaded with error, contradictions and blasphemy. It is the teaching of a mad man and a False Profit. Don't hold to it!!!!

If you have not found a true Bible teaching Church, find one. Start desensitizing yourselves to the loaded language and pre-packaged thought processes. The Gospel Weirwille taught is a humanistic philosophy. It is a philosophy that will take many to hell both here and for eternity.

To finish, let me give you a few things to think about. If you were around long enough, you will recognize these lies. CHAPTER/VERSE

1. If you don't at least tithe, God won't spit in your direction.

2. You do not have to repent of your sins you only confess the Savior from sin.

3. John's Baptism was with water, the Church is to be baptized into the Holy Spirit.(where is it written that this excludes water?)

4. Jesus Christ is not God.(Read your Bible without being selective. Read it all in proper context.)

5. When you die you die...but he also stated that everything goes back to where it came from. So by sheer logic where does your spirit go?

There are hundreds of these types of contradictions and wrong teachings. That's why when you try to explain something to others your brain locks up (It can't logically make contradictory statements say the same thing.) You forget, you can't get it all out...Those of us who are out have all experienced this and sometimes still do. You are NOT ALONE. But you do need to throw away the junk you learned from them. Keep you commitment to GOD, turn to a Church that is teaching the Bible. Stop letting The Way cheat you from finding a Traditional Church whose pastor is an expository teacher. Listen to tapes and read books by people like Dr. Tony Evans. He puts Weirwille and The Way into ruins with his understanding of the scriptures, especially the Holy Spirit field. "YOU CAN GET OUT!!!!!" You can then help others to get out.

The reason you believe that there is No Way Out is that you still believe what they taught you. We all are living Epistles of something. What The Way really taught is revealed in how Way people live. You've experienced it, the control, the self righteous religious holier than thou dogma, the mockery of traditional church teaching, mockery of the name of Jesus and the absolute hatred of those of us who have left.

Weirwille stated his own belief very well once when he said "The love of God doesn't work. We're going to put some teeth into this ministry". Well we've all experienced the bite of that serpent. Now, Get out...all the way out, and then follow God's call to help others.

Please know that "It's the Way or Oblivion" is a lie!!! I was a Twig Coordinator, and Advance Class Grad. I ran classes and attended functions until exhaustion was a way of life. Every member of my immediate family was a part of this. One of my sisters is a Corp Grad. This organization was the life blood of my family for over 13 years but we are out. You can be too. If there is anything I can do to help anyone, please fee free to contact me. Please write to;

Bea Tate


Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 00:22:58 -0400
From: Jackson
To: armywife@pa.net Subject: New 2 U

How 'bout cha, Kelly?

Well, bless mah soul if I didn't find a place where I could keep up on reading re: The Way Int'l!! With your permission, I'd like 2 give your net address to several ex-Way followers that have become rather disenchanted (did I say "enchant"? How rude [& how right!] of me!) due to their treatment while serving in various positions within The Way Tree.

FYI: I saw an article done by you about the time of the Branch Davidian fiasco, and it reported how The Way's #s are increasing. As of 1994 thru present, I think not; more like, they're leaving literally by the thousands, because Rev. L. Craig Martindale decided that becoming a despot and out-and-out tyrannical over his followers was more important than obeying his call to serve the Bread of Life and serve God's people. I'm serious: they are leaving b y the thousands, including several key members of Dr. Wierwille's personal family!

I despise being a rumor-monger, but when a group poses as big an emotional and mental threat as does The Way, I'll do everything within reason to thwart any and all attempts by them to spread their poison.




Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 14:48:57 -0700
To: armywife@pa.net
Subject: Wierwille's death: Comments

I would like to make a couple of comments and additional contributions to John Juedes' article on Victor Paul Wierwille's death.

First of all, let me commend you on the excellent job you are doing to expose the truth about The Way International, V. P. Wierwille, L.C. Martindale, and the whole orginization. Just about everything I've seen through your web page I would consider quite accurate, and the exceptions to this have been have minor.

Second, let me say that I was associated with (not a member of, since there are no "members") TWI for about 17 years, from 1972 to 1989. I have held numerous positions with TWI from Twig Coordinator, to WOW Branch coordinator, to full-time Limb staff, to full-time staff at The Way International Headquarters. I cut off all ties with The Way in 1989 when I left staff and consequently lost my wife and 98% of my friends. Maybe some day I'll write more about that, but for now I want to focus on the article about Wierwille's death.

I want to make two points:

1) Regarding VPW's problem with his eye: The article stated that Wierwille did not publicly discuss his health problems. For the most part that is true. However, he did discuss his eye problems at least with the staff and Way Corps who were at Headquarters while the problems were occurring. If my memory serves me correctly, this would have been around 1982-83 when I was serving on staff in New Knoxville during my "interim" year in the Way Corps. During that time Wierwille would occasionally talk about the problem during lunchtime and other meetings when the staff and Way Corps were gathered.

At that time he admitted that he was having problems with his eye, that it was very painful, and that he had been urged by medical professionals to have the eye removed. He resisted that advice for some time, then finally consented and had the eye removed. I remember him wearing an eye patch for a while until he obtained a prosthetic eye. As far as I can recall, this information was never made public by publication in The Way Magazine or an announcement on a Sunday Night Service tape, or by any other means. I have no idea how many followers of TWI were aware of what had happened. It is interesting to note that the reason given for his eye problem was that this was a long-term consequence of of the lights being too bright during the filming of the Power For Abundant Living Class in 1967. Wierwille stated that the lights had been set too bright and that between filming sessions he would place ice cubes on his eyes because they were so sore and swollen. He claimed that as a result of these bright lights his eyes had been burned, and hence these problems nearly twenty years later. In other words, Wierwille had "sacrificed" himself in order to carry on God's work, even though he had been warned that the lights were doing damage to his eyes. He may have made reference to this in "The Way: Living in Love" by Elena Whiteside, but I don't recall for sure. Nevertheless, this provided a very convenient and self-serving explanation for his eye problems. The truth behind his eye problems and the cause of his death is the subject of my next point.

2) Regarding why Wierwille or anyone else did not tell the truth about his death: I was on staff at Way Headquarters when Wierwille died, and I still remember getting the news via a middle-of-the-night phone call. Neither that night, nor at any time afterward was there any official mention of the cause of death. I heard years later that he died from melanoma (skin cancer) but John's article finally put all the pieces together for me, connecting Wierwille's eye problems with cancer which eventually metasticicized to his liver. In his article, John stated that the reason no one talked about the cause of Dr. Wierwille's death is that he preached "the law of believing," and it would be unimaginable to think that "the Man of God" was not able to believe for healing for himself. This is only partly true. The other part of the answer is that Wierwille taught that cancer is a devil spirit. Cancer, according to him, is not just caused by a devil spirit, it IS a devil spirit. His logic went something like this: All life is spirit. Cancer has a life of its own. Therefore, cancer is a devil spirit, and anyone with cancer is possessed with a devil spirit. If that teaching was not familiar to the rank-and-file followers of The Way, it was certainly known to anyone who had taken the Advanced Class on PFAL. It's not hard to imagine the problems that would have been created if Wierwille or anyone else had announced that he had cancer. The idea that "the greatest man of God since the Apostle Paul" was possessed with a devil spirit would have been devastating to say the least!

Keep up the great work! Please feel free to use my letter, in whole or in part, in your work. I just ask that you not use my full name with the letter.


Chicago, IL

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