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A Threat to Democracy, Freedom
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by Ingo Michehl, M.Ed. (C. Psychology)

To the public, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon tries to appear as a benevolent, conservative religious man. What few people know or take serious is that he and his wife claim to be the "True Parents of mankind," the "Return of Christ," that his goal is to take over the world, that living as a core member of his Unification Church is a type of modern day slavery, and that families whose loved ones have joined the church live in agony and terror, because they are hardly ever allowed to see their loved ones and because they are often threatened that all contact will be cut off if they speak negatively about the church!!!

In October, 1986, I was deceptively recruited by CARP, student branch of the UC. As most former members, who were finally able to free themselves from the manipulative influence of the group, I now am convinced that it is a dangerous, destructive cult.

I was a dedicated core member of CARP from 1986 to 93. I initially was invited to a cup of tea at an "international student club" by two Japanese "students" in San Francisco. A cup of tea that was to cost me 6 1/2 years of my youth, and my family a mountain of emotional and financial resources. -
Through a well designed array of deceptive recruiting and manipulative indoctrination techniques I was systematically stripped of my critical thinking abilities and transformed from a liberal acknostic to an extremist right wing religious fanatic ...within a matter of weeks. I was made to stay illegally in the US, to illegally sell pictures and flowers to raise money - even at subzero temperatures, living with 11 people in a Ford van - without pay, social or medical insurance. I worked 18 to 20 hours on average, 7 days a week, 360 days a year, not allowed to see my family and friends. Imagine spending seven Christmas evenings alone on a cold, lonely street corner selling flowers or pictures. My leader even forbid me to attend a church service with the argument "you're not a Christian!" - I remember sitting in the basement at night crying as my heart was breaking over the pain of loneliness and missing my parents and friends. Another member came down ...and couldn't even relate. Of course you were supposed to relate those sort of feelings to the loneliness of "Father" and "Mother" Moon... -

Through lucky circumstances I was able to snap out of the mindset and leave ...after 6 1/2 years, and after having illegally raised over $600,000 for the group.

I wrote these pages to share about my experiences - and those of others - and to provide a resource for people to form their own opinion. Please investigate thoroughly before lending your name and thus support to this organization. Critics and specialists in the field believe Mr. Moon to be a dangerous cult leader on a quest for absolute power.
My experiences may be different from the perceptions of present members - but they coincide with reports and feedback I frequently get from other former members.

For questions or feedback you may send me an e-mail at
(If you want more info - PLEASE read the pages FIRST!)

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