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PS: There apparently are court actions in progress to reverse the judgement.

Personal Note: If it's possible to do that ...what do you think can be done to your mind? Contrary to cult apologists' opinion, it has been proven that no physical force is necessary to indoctrinate an individual. Another lie the cults want you to buy is that mind control has to work 100% ...or it's proven that it doesn't exist. That's ridiculous because no one ever (except the cults) claimed that it works 100%. Mind control is simply a very subtle but powerful system of social influence that can cause an individual to undergo dramatic paradigm and personality changes. Even if only 10% of workship attendees give up everything to join Moon fulltime, fundraise and recruit (new members who will recruit new members) for 20 hours a day - that's already enough for the Moon empire to grow, and it's still 100 times more effective than legitimate, ethical organizations that rely on the informed consent and support of their members (rather than manipulation and fear indoctrination).

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