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Soma and the Gods, 2

submitted to trancenet.net by Franklin D. Trumpy, fdtrumpy@dmacc.cc.ia.us

(a video tape was played, and the following is what could be discerned by the reporter from the sound track:)

"Meat may be very good for someone who can digest it. Honey can be good for someone who digest it. For someone who can't digest it, it could be even dangerous. Anything which we can make use of through our digestive system will be enriching to our perception. Same thing would be true for Soma. If Soma is that material which can induce very highly enriched vision, then the nervous system must be capable of digesting it so thoroughly well that the product of digestion can produce that effect on the vision, on perception. So eventually it comes down to normal functioning of the nervous system. And if the nervous system is functioning normally, then fine and good.

"The cow eats grass, produces milk. The grass goes to the refinery of the cow inside, and on the other side comes out milk. (laughter)

"It is said that the Soma, who deserves to drink Soma? The Gods drink Soma, Gods, the controllers of the laws of nature. Gods that make very, very refined impulses of energy and intelligence which are basic to all of the thought and action, to perception, very basic. They drink Soma. That is the chemical which works on the most refined level of our structure. And it is that which gets nourishment, it gets more vital, stronger, and produces all kinds of better understanding and feeling and perception, all the whole life gets enriched. It's like watching [sic - watering?] the root and (inaudible) [strengthening?] all aspects of the tree. So Soma is that chemical which is within -- which is between the mind and the body, abstract mind, is something, abstract mind, concrete body.

"In between there is something. What is that? It's that Agency, that force of nature which puts together the mind and the body. Abstract mind, complete body. Something put together.

"Indra is the ruler of all Gods, and He is said to dwell in the -- at the junction. At the junction he sits and puts together the two fullnesses of life: material fullness, mental fullness, the two fullnesses of life. So that is that level which is the most refined physical level of existence which -- and it's the abstract mind with the concrete body. And Indra seems to be present -- Indra is the name of the ruler of the Gods. Most refined faculty of intelligence and energy which is capable of putting together the mind and the body. That Agency brings [sic - drinks?] Soma. It is from there that the perception begins. Mind. And then that finest may be memory of whatever impulse, but of a physical nature. But between that is the seat of Indra, and Indra drinks Soma. Drinking Soma, the whole territory of the body becomes enriched, the whole territory of the mind becomes enriched. So enriched that the mind is capable of holding on to the Infinity at the same time when it's holding on to the finite (inaudible). That's Indra. And the power of Indra is infinite.

"That Agency which holds together the Unmanifest and the Manifest values of life must be tremendously powerful, and that seems to drink Soma. Soma is for Gods. For those finest impulses of life which are at the basis of all existence. So, the chemical which (inaudible) [supports? joins?] the existence of the basic material or physical structure of the whole body and, in the same sequence, the structure of the whole universe, manifests an animal, conquering abstract. In between that is the impulse which organizes the existence or the intelligence from its Unmanifest value to appear in its (inaudible) manifestations. So Soma being drunk by Gods is the story of the strengthening of life by such chemical which gets produced when the system is freed from stress. Human nervous system freed from stress starts to produce that quality of finest product, the product of digestion which serves to enrich every aspect of one's existence, influences the entirety of perception, thinking, understanding, feeling -- the whole thing. All life becomes most refined. That's how we can take the (inaudible) of Soma. It's only necessary to free the system from stresses. These are the blocks. (Inaudible) [Stressed?] the digestion system of the cow will not produce real good milk. Maybe have to grass. (laughter)

"So when the system is not functioning very thoroughly to its full potential, then that high quality of chemical will not be produced. That's how life will remain from being in its full glory. That is why I think the emphasis is on performing action by establishing Being. That every activity would be spontaneously so much in tune with the most superior value of, of dealing with the life that it would be all good effect. In that state, our system free from stresses will produce that beautiful chemical which would enrich all values.

"But the experiments in this field are very, very interesting for us to go more and more and maybe we here have started that the reality of Soma is described in the Ninth Verse of Rig Veda -- Ninth Chapter. One whole mandala, one whole chapter is devoted to Soma because it's so precious, and to see it -- so the mechanics, the action and reaction of all those chemicals which structure the identity of Soma, they talk about it and then they describe it. All the hymns of the Ninth Mandala of the Rig Veda proclaim all about Soma. It's only a matter of gaining that level of consciousness because Rig Veda says knowledge is structured in consciousness. He who does not know that consciousness, what can we accomplish for him? The knowledge of Soma, and, for that matter, the knowledge of anything is pure, complete, comprehensive, real, when the pure consciousness is available. Otherwise, everything is a hodgepodge.

"Clear knowledge of the fundamental values of life from where the entire course of life can be enriched and made fruitful to its truly value, it is necessary to have that awareness, that consciousness. That is why we want SCI, Science of Creative Intelligence. Soma is the food that creative thought, creative intelligence. Creative intelligence begins to be more and more full as Soma gets developed. We want the whole world to enjoy the glory of producing Soma and living that supreme level of perception and action. It's very -- this new era is starting when the facts on Soma present in Rig Veda, being verified by modern scientific experiments, will reveal that truth which can be shared -- will be shared by all the people in the world. And this is our World Plan. And for this we say (inaudible) [Jai Guru Dev?]." (applause - end of tape)

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